Top 6 Business Ideas in India for Beginners 2017


In India before starting any business we look for profit margin it has. If the profit margin is high we go for it.

new business ideas india

But the problem is we don’t know what these ideas are, even if we know what these ideas are we don’t know how to execute them. If you are looking to find such ideas will my business see success? or if you are looking to find some new business idea to start and how to do it? We are here with an answer to your question. Check out these top 6 new business ideas india for beginners. I am sure that if you execute this business ideas as told you won’t be disappointed and will enjoy a successful life forward.

New business ideas India

Lets start with very basic but very lucrative business ideas in india for beginners

  1. Yoga/gym Centre

If you are a fitness freak or a trained fitness athlete this is a gem for you. even if you are not heck you can surely hire someone to do this job for you.

Opening a yoga studio of a full fledge gym mainly depends upon how much investment you are willing to put up. If your starting budget is less than 1 lakh then go for yoga studio else go for fitness gym.

With people joining fitness clubs at exponential rate this is definitely a watch out for opening a business for beginners.

  1. Starting online Blog

Ok, we heard you, you don’t have much money to start up with yoga studio or fitness gym here is another idea for you an online blog. We get it you can start with an online blog and that too for a free.

yup you heard it write for free and how to do it hold your horses, we will tell you.

first you need a domain you can get it from wordpress for free. For beginners wordpress is a great tool to start up with. it provides you with free website templates a domain and a hosting and everything set up with you.

So even if you don’t have any technical knowledge about website management you can rely upon wordpress to dot it for you for free.

  1. Wedding Planner/Event Organizer

wedding planner

If you have a strong social networking and people management skill you can opt for wedding planner or event management businesses. You can use your contacts and your skill to generate revenue in this industry.

Event management business is an initiative where people comes to you to take care of all the processes in conducting their event or wedding programs. You will be the one to take care of decorations to all proper arrangements of seats and music.

You might need a commercial space but you can also start up this company in your home. The main investment would be the event management program, a computer and other accessories and internet connection.

Thee charge would not exceed more than 2,000 rupees per month and return can be huge between 40k to 100k per month. This will be the best small business ideas in india

Apart from having huge ROI (Return on investment) you can hire human resource, this is very essential in this business. As you cannot perform all the duties yourself, single-handedly. You would need a lot of workers and contractors or can hire a freelancers. This can be a high investment but return will always be much higher.

  1. Bakery Shop

Before opening a bakery shop, It is important to decide what will be the main products of your bakery, so that before starting proper arrangements could be made likewise. It is always better or say important to start off with the strong area before applying the necessary capital and experience are accumulated to branch out to other type of products.

With higher investment the owner will be in a good position to employ workers with different skill set in different areas of bakery. Greater the experience much help will be available for you.

A good start in bakery enables you to garner the fame that ensures proper reception of any new bakery product launched by them.

  1. Soap Manufacturing at home

    Learn how to make soap. Before you can succeed at selling soap, you must become an expert at making it also refine the technique and formulae you want to use to differ yourself from others. People love unique exotic products. you can also check out on youtube its that easy.

    You may also have to be creative with the way you mold your soap. You can try and be artistic with the shape the soap bar or engrave your product name on it. or adding a perfume scent to it Or you may opt to be deliberately “crude” but homey with your presentation, and reduce appearance and packaging to their barest essentials.

    The selling points you’ll want to emphasised when you market the product of your home-based soap manufacturing business.

    1) an inexpensive luxury that everyone wants.

    2) a benefit to individuals with sensitive skin,

    3) an eco-friendly commodity.

    1. Becoming a Youtuber

    mobile youtuber

    Last but not the least become a you-tuber. You can get what you have always desired become rich and famous at almost zero cost.

    Before making a video, one of the important thing you need to make note of is “Ask Not What Your Videos Can Do For You instead Ask What YOU Can Do For Your Videos”. To give you some idea you can start with If you think you are funny take a camera and show your creativity.

    Be artistes, people loves artist. If you are tech guy take few hours a day to make judge or review  a product; or if you consider yourself an expert in some field start an online teaching tutorials.

    Now you have read all the 6 business ideas in india for beginners. I guess by now you pretty much have an idea what business you want to start from home. Don’t wait for it select a niche do some research and go for it. Longer you wait harder the competition gets.