8 Noteworthy Advantages of Taking a Fullerton India Personal Loan

Personal loans are one of the most opted choices among borrowers during difficult times. Due to their unrestricted usage, personal loans offer freedom to borrowers to use the money as they please. While some may use it to fill gaps in their monthly budget or to fulfill a dream, others use the funds to manage unexpected crises.

Personal loans are easy to take too. Whether you’re a salaried professional or self-employed, if you show a healthy repayment capacity with a good credit score, you can get your personal loan without any difficulties.

With technology taking the world by a storm, lenders jump on the bandwagon to offer further ease to the customers by providing personal loans online as well as on instant loan apps.

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Fullerton India provides such easy personal loans through its app as well as through its website. Fullerton India’s Instaloan personal loan app also offers hassle-free loans to salaried applicants from the comfort of their own homes.  No more running around for paperwork or to set up meetings with lenders.

You can now easily apply for a loan from the app or the website from home. Here are some advantages of taking a Fullerton India online personal loan.

8 Advantages of Taking a Fullerton India Personal Loan:

  1. Convenient: Fullerton India offers convenient personal loans at your fingertips. Whether it is the middle of an emergency or a future expense, you don’t have to think twice. You can get a personal loan instantly through a few taps on your phone or a few clicks on your laptop. You don’t have to visit a branch or set up long calls with lenders to get your loan approved.
  1. Accessible: Fullerton India does not ask you to submit heavy documentation and or run around for signatures. They will check your credit score, repayment ability, verify your documents, and disburse the loan to your account shortly after loan approval.

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  1. Pre-Approved Offers: If you are an existing customer with Fullerton India, you may be eligible for the pre-approved offers available on Fullerton India’s personal loan app. There will be no need to waste precious time in the approval process or heavy documentation for eligible applicants. You can get an instant personal loan at an affordable rate.
  1. Round-the-clock Service: You don’t have to follow the bank’s fixed time schedule and take time out from your busy day to apply for a loan. The Instaloan app and Fullerton India’s website are always available at your service.
  1. Flexible Personal Loans: Fullerton India offers some of the most attractive interest rates on personal loans. If you have a credit score above 750, you can get a better deal on your personal loan. The interest rate for personal loans begins from 11.99%* per annum. Your interest rate varies depending upon your eligibility. You can take a personal loan for 12-60 months at your convenience. You can check the personal loan EMI calculator available on Fullerton India’s website to make an informed decision on the tenure and amount of the loan.
  1. Up to Rs 25 lakhs: Whether it is a large requirement or a small one, Fullerton India offers a customised solution best suited to your needs and eligibility. You can get a personal loan of up to Rs 25 lakhs, based on your eligibility. If you show a healthy repayment capacity, a trustworthy credit profile, and positive credit history, you may be eligible for a loan of a high amount. You can check your eligibility through the Instaloan app or the personal loan eligibility calculator available on Fullerton India’s website.
  1. Paperless Process: The entire application process is entirely paperless if you apply through the app or online. You can check your eligibility, apply for a loan, submit your personal loan documents, and track your application’s status from the online loan app or the website itself. It serves as a one-stop solution for all your personal loan needs.
  1. Instant Disbursal: When you apply through the app, you can get the amount in your account shortly after loan approval. The end-to-end digital process makes the approval and disbursal process smoother and quicker. Get the funds in your account directly.

Fullerton India’s personal loans are designed to offer you the most comfort.

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