Top 11 Small Business Ideas in West Bengal

If you are looking forward to set up your business in the state of West Bengal then in this article you are going to get some amazing financially attractive business options to choose from.

11 Small Business ideas in West Bengal

1. Organic tea business

The favorable agro- climatic conditions in West Bengal has skyrocketed the plantation capacity of tea over the years, earning West Bengal the place of second largest producer in the country.

This has given emergence to new business ideas in West Bengal for the production of organic tea farming. Tea is a major beverage of everyday life of every Indian. The alarming increase in growing health concerns have made people shift from conventionally grown tea to organic tea.

You should have a practical knowledge about this field. Before starting formulate small business plan in West Bengal, make contact with the local marketers and retail stores for smooth running of these small scale business ideas in West Bengal.

2. Mobile repairing store

This is the most profitable business in Kolkata for the tech- savvy people. It is a kind of business that can be easily started as it doesn’t required any educational qualification, it is easily to obtain mobile repairing training within the short period of time.

It is a small scale business ideas in West Bengal which can be started with the low capital investment. All you need is a small space to set up your mobile repairing store.

The reason behind the rapid growth in this business sector is the regular damage that mobile phone underwent like faulty jak, bloated battery, damaged display, etc.

And also because of the frequent advent of new and upgraded mobile phones that’s makes their appearance every next day in the market.

The old mobile phones are sold to these store which in turn resell it further in the market. You can also gain extra sum of money by keeping mobile accessories at your store.

3. Fishery business

Owing to it vast expanse of territorial access to water bodies and abundance of fish production in these waters resources have made these business ideas in West Bengal, a profitable business venture.

There is huge demand for fish and other sea food in the domestic market as the sizeable portion of the population of West Bengal consume fish as their staple food and also the adjoining states of North Eastern states raises huge demand.

Since the state has huge production capacity, it is also exported in huge quantity making it a money spinner business.

4. Fish processing units

Fishery business in West Bengal offers an added boost to the processing unit. Since fish is a perishable item, the harvested fishes are not directly exported to neighboring states and countries in its raw form for consumption.

It undergoes several processes like cleaning, removing impurities, frozen facility, addition of preservatives for increasing the shelf life of the product and finally packaged to be ready to enter the market.

Processing units offers profitable business ideas. Moreover, the government initiatives and various schemes dedicated towards the encouragement and promotion of this sector has made it an even more favorable new business ideas in West Bengal.

5. Leather products

West Bengal houses many well established tanneries engaged in the production of making raw leather and leather made products like purse, shoes, belts, laptop covers, caps, etc of different color and designs.

West Bengal, being the second largest producer of leader products in India provides easily availability of leather products which the dealer can take advantage of and supply it to the neighboring states and countries at higher prices.

This provides profitable dealership opportunity in West Bengal.

6. Car rental business

Owing to the state’s long iconic historical past, the living evidence of British India in its architecture, and West Bengal being the sacred seat of religious deities, the state plummeted the increase in tourist growth every year.

The rising tourist inflow has accelerated the demand for rental cars. Before entering into this business, make proper arrangement of cars, robust network with hotels for swiftly procuring bookings from the prospective customers.

This business is not as simple as it looks like but one you get the hang of it, it will prove to be most profitable business in Kolkata.

7. Florist business

West Bengal serves as the one stop destination for all your floral requirements. Especially, the 131 year old Mallik ghat market in Kolkata is drenched with the aroma and fragrance of different flowers.

West Bengal, not only caters to the domestic requirement but also supply in the other parts of country and export abroad in huge quantity. You can also try your held in these new business ideas in West Bengal.

To start, you can go for cut flower and dried flower that has massive demand outside and equally profitable.

8. Cold chain refrigerator transportation

To transform the fish demographics into dividend, it is important that proper cold storage fridge transportation services is available right from the fish farms till the time it is finally supplied to local markets and processing units.

In the absence of cold chain logistic transportation, tons of fishes goes wasted and hence the money wasted. It is the most profitable business in Kolkata as Kolkata let alone makes for good percentage of fish production.

You can start with small business plan in West Bengal by owning one truck and later expand as the progress fortales..

9. Diagnostic centres

At every stage of medical treatment, be it diagnosing, monitoring and screening, etc. diagnostics test are mandatory. Such wide applications has made diagnostic centres, a frequently go-to place for patients.

To open a diagnostic centres, it should be equipped with laboratory tools and equipment with the specialized trained personals having knowledge about lab science. With the rising health concerns resulting in rising percentage of patients has led to the exponential demand for diagnostic centres.

Once successfully established, it is going to give long term returns.

10. Fast food restaurant

With the increasing consumerism, increasing disposable income and rapid urbanization has set the fast food eateries trend in motion. The state of West Bengal, with majority of towns being urban and suburban areas has led to the rapid growth of these business ideas in West Bengal.

You can start your own eatery or you can buy the franchise of well-known food brands depending upon your financial soundness. It presents lucrative small scale business ideas in West Bengal.

11. Fish hatchery

Fish hatchery is the place where fish eggs are hatched and raised under the controlled conditions. After this, it is finally ready to be released into natural waters. Given the strong government support and encouragement towards the promotion of aquaculture and pisciculture, the demand for fish hatcheries has increased.

It is done to promote and utilize the otherwise underutilized water resources available in the state to increase the production of fish. These offers profitable business ideas in West Bengal.

These are the following prosperous business ideas that you can choose from, in west Bengal.


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