Stem Startup Stress

How to Stem Startup Stress

All of which takes quite a lot of energy and effort. Of course, it’s all to help further your dream goal of being an amazing entrepreneur who founded.
First day of leave

Mumbai Startup introduces First Day of Period Leave For Women Staff

At the First Day of Period women started to have mood swings, weird pains and cramps.By seeing this situation Culture Machine has introduced new policy.
sell and buy old clothes on elanic

Wear new clothes every day, Sell and Buy your old clothes on “Elanic”

A problem that each Woman face every single day, they don’t have anything to wear while they have a closet full of clothes.
assess hub

AssessHub: Skill Assessment Platform, A boon for companies and a Personnel recruitment Catalyst

AssessHub’s Predictive Analytics & Artificial Intelligence helps companies find and retain the right talent for the right role in the organization.
Kanika Tekriwa jets with jetsetgo

Settle your dreams, travel in private jets with JetSetGo

Wanderlust is the term used for ones who loves to travel and wander in the world’s beautiful nature. It is convenient travel in flight than trains
Great Elements for Choosing an Office Space

Great Elements for Choosing an Office Space

Success and hard work being the best form of comfort, a great office space goes a long way to realize this.
Designing an Office

The Basics of Designing an Office for your Startup

One of the most challenging and exciting parts of building a startup is designing an office. Nonetheless.
CCell Silo Vs. Palm

CCell Silo Vs. Palm: Which is Right for Me?

The vaping experience is best when you have the right equipment to suit your needs. If you prefer CCell cartridges, you may be wondering whether the CCell Palm.
Should Your Startup Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Should Your Startup Accept Cryptocurrency Payments?

As they become more accepted by consumers and businesses, opting for crypto payment methods is something that could boost your company profile..
Ankit Srivastava

Ankit Srivastava, who made 45 lakhs from a music player app in such a...

Creating apps was the thing that appealed more than anything to Ankit and earning money from it was an added incentive for him at the age of twenty.