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Digital Securities Investments and Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms – Explained

Digital Securities Investments offer a range of benefits compared to traditional investment methods which can be restrictive, offer a low yield, and may incur additional fees. Using a digital currency exchange platform, investors can quickly trade and withdraw their money in a flexible manner.

In this article, we will discuss how digital securities trading platforms work and why more and more people are investing in Crypto Security Tokens.

What are Digital Securities?

Digital Securities relate to investments made using Security Tokens which leverage commodities on the Blockchain system, to predict whether the value of a certain Security Token (Commodity) will increase, or decrease in value to create a profit – this can be done via a Blockchain trading platform.

What is Blockchain technology?

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency tokens, where digital currency is validated and transactions are made to form a secure and manageable payment system. Blockchain is completely decentralized, minimizing any risk of fraud which is why trading in Security Tokens, which are verified on the Blockchain is one of the safest ways to invest.

Cryptocurrency has been validated by Blockchain technology since 2009 when Bitcoin was first launched.

What are Crypto Security Tokens?

Cryptocurrency is a rather vague term in 2021 and most Blockchain-generated coins are referred to as Tokens. Now, the next step for the technology is the Security Token (a useful security tokens list can be found in the next section).

Security Tokens are digital contracts that can be applied to pretty much any asset you can think of. This includes stocks and commodities, offering investors a new and exciting way to trade with the added security and protection provided by Blockchain technology. In the decades to come, it is very possible that Security Tokens could surpass traditional stock exchanges such as Nasdaq and the FTSE 500. 

Recommended Security Tokens Crypto List

Below is a list of the best Security Tokens to trade with right now

  • INX Crypto Token
  • Overstock
  • tZero
  • Blockchain Capital
  • Exodus
  • HCS Whisky Fund
  • SPiCE VC
  • Curzio Research

Why do people invest via a Digital Securities Exchange?

The main reason people invest using a digital security token platform is in the name…’security’. Security token trading platforms are very secure and fraud is minimal-to-non-existent due to the complexity of blockchain trading and its decentralized system. 

Benefits over traditional investment methods:

  • Increased security and guarantees that ownership stakes are backed by Blockchain.
  • Security Token trading can easily connect digitized Blockchain platforms and the traditional financial market.
  • Numerous projects can offer cheaper stakes when purchasing equity than the Stock Exchange.
  • Less regulation allows for more freedom.
  • Easier to withdraw and move money within your portfolio.

How does a Crypto Trading Platform work?

A crypto trading platform in the USA, works exactly the same as any other country, creating a global and secure market for trading normal Crypto tokens and Security Tokens. Using an investment platform to trade crypto securities is really quite straightforward and easy to set up.

Sometimes referred to as a Security Token Exchange, or a Digital Currency Trading Platform, a Cryptocurrency Trade Platform works as a broker, allowing investors to leverage tokens, taking a small percentage of any profit that is made. These transaction fees are much lower than you would expect to incur when using a traditional stockbroker.

How to trade Security Tokens

Investors can quickly search for the token they are looking for using an exchange, like INX Platform, and then enter their position, staking a sum they are comfortable with. It is also worth reaffirming that trading involves predicting whether a market will move up or down and the investor does not actually own any part of the token, or commodity.

How to invest in Security Tokens

Investing, on the other hand, involves the actual purchase of tokens which can also be actioned using cryptocurrency trading sites. There is no specific Bitcoin trading website and all digital currencies and security tokens can be purchased using just one exchange, making it very easy to diversify your investment portfolio and trade cryptocurrencies whenever the market is favorable.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading Platforms

As previously stated, Crypto trading platforms allow investors and traders to access all available coins and you are unlikely to find a trading site that is specific to bitcoin (BTC) trading as it would not make sense. The beauty of an exchange is that you can access the most popular tokens and ones that are brand new, or on the rise, expanding your options and allowing you to invest in security tokens before they become popular. 

Best practices when Crypto Trading

Like any form of trading, Crypto Token Trading comes with a level of risk and a thorough understanding of; how the markets work; what can impact the market; and variables such as Market Caps should be fully understood before you part with your money. 

Below are 10 tips to trade Crypto Tokens sensibly for beginners:

  1. Have clear reasoning or motive before entering into a trade
  2. Use the Stop Loss function to limit any potential losses and set a profit target
  3. Avoid entering into new trades during periods of high volatility
  4. Assess the risks and consider markets with less liquidity to avoid big losses
  5. Try not to get excited by big market increases and stick to your trading plan
  6. Don’t be tempted by coins that have a very low price, there is a reason for this
  7. Do a thorough background check before investing in an Initial Coin Offering
  8. Look for high daily trading volumes when searching for a long-term investment
  9. Ensure your portfolio is as diversified as possible and don’t commit to just one, or a few tokens
  10. Set revenue targets and use the Sell Order function to benefit from lower transaction fees.

Security Token Trading Platforms – Conclusion

  • Lower transaction fees than traditional trading on the Stock Exchange
  • Extremely secure thanks to decentralized Blockchain technology
  • A growing platform that is expected to outgrow traditional trading methods

We hope this article has given you an insight into finding a Digital Securities trading solution, Security Tokens, and Cryptocurrency trading and investments.

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