Foster Remote Work Model to Keep Your Customers Happy

The idea of devising an efficient remote work model has been around for some time. But, the remote work model became increasingly popular after the Covid-19 outbreak with the urgency to keep employees safe and healthy during the serious health crisis. 

Once people started working from home, they quickly recognized all the benefits this work model offers. Remote workers have the opportunity to choose the work hours that best fit their needs, keeping the much-needed work/life balance. Also, they can organize their work without bosses hovering over their heads, forcing them to stick to strict schedules. 

For all these reasons millions of workers globally want to keep working remotely, now that the Covid pandemic is under control. 

On the other hand, managers have numerous reasons for striving to move their businesses back to the office. First, setting up an effective remote work model depends on numerous factors like company structure and team size among others, so it can be a challenging task to achieve. Furthermore, managing employees that share the same office is much easier in terms of in-person communication and collaboration.

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So, the burning question in the business world today is whether to go back to the office or keep working remotely. Before you reach the final decision, ask yourself not only how this work model benefits your business and employees, but also how it benefits your customers. Every client-oriented business should consider customer experience their top priority. 

For this reason, we decided to show you why you should foster remote work to keep your customers and employees happy, and your business thriving.

You Can Cut Costs and Funnel the Surplus Into Customer Experience

By sending your employees to work from home, you’ll lower office-related expenses. Numerous surveys have shown that businesses can save up to a staggering $10,000 per remote employee annually. 

Furthermore, the opportunity to work remotely plays a significant role when it comes to choosing a job. Namely, the majority of the workforce nowadays will rather choose companies that offer the remote work possibility than the ones that don’t, accepting lower salaries for this work-from-home commodity.

These two cost-saving qualities of remote work will enable you to invest more into invaluable customer experience, either by enhancing customer support or providing customer-oriented novelties the choice is yours. What’s more important is that remote work may provide you with a surplus that you wouldn’t have at your disposal if you worked from the office.

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Productive Employees Lead to Satisfied Customers

One of the greatest concerns managers have when it comes to adopting remote work is whether their employees will remain highly productive while working from home. However, recent statistics show that remote workers tend to be more productive, working an additional 1.4 days per month, wasting less time on numerous distractions. 

However, if you still need help to boost the productivity of your remote teams, start using advanced employees’ monitoring software. This efficient tool will monitor their daily activities, giving you a detailed insight into the way they spend time at work. Try using this information to focus on achievements and reward hard workers or provide support and guidance to employees who are struggling with specific tasks. 

By doing this, you’ll help your employees become more productive, enabling them to better prioritize and meet your customers’ needs.  Simply put, highly productive teams will provide enhanced personalized customer experience, strengthening their loyalty to your brand.

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You Have an Unlimited Access to Top Talented Workforce

Remote work gives you the opportunity to hire high-quality employees from different parts of the world. This is one of the unparalleled advantages this work model has over office-based work. 

For example, you may find a talented worker that would be a perfect addition to your team across the state, but they don’t want to move to be closer to the office. With fostering the remote work model, you won’t be limited by the office proximity when hiring. Quite the contrary, you can look for and hire top-quality employees globally, having access to the larger and more diverse applicant pool.

Hiring the right people for the right job will do wonders for your customers’ experience. Highly engaged employees that perfectly fit their roles provide excellent customer service going above and beyond to meet your clients’ needs.

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