How Can Online Shoppers Save Big on Every Purchase?

Many Indians are now increasingly switching to online shopping, and even more because of the amazing discounts and offers one can find online. As Diwali and other festive celebrations knock on our door, there will be discounts, irresistible deals, cashback offers, gifts, and many more to lure customers.

Any discount offered is, in a way, savings for the customer. Therefore, lucrative discounts and deals are a huge advantage for the customers and a great strategy to attract more buyers.

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Tips to Save Money When Shopping Online

Who doesn’t love saving some extra money? Below are some of the ways to save big on every purchase-

  • Coupons and Promo codes– E-commerce companies are providing consumers with discount coupons and promo codes. Some sites offer more discounts if the total purchase value crosses a specific limit. At times, for new registered brands, websites offer various coupons and promo codes that significantly bring down the MRP.
  • Festive Season goodies– With Diwali just around the corner, it is the perfect time to shop online as there would be a lot of discounts, and companies are offering one of the best cashback offers. The competition during these times is tough, and people are willing to spend. Therefore, shoppers can save big on every purchase.
  • Credit/ Debit cards– There are a vast number of banks, including HDFC, SBI, ICICI, etc. and wallets like Paytm and AmazonPay, that tie up with big e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. and offer benefits like additional discounts on the usage of debit and credit cards and cashback on the use of wallets.
  • Weekly Offers- There are specific days of the week that the brands assign to offer discounts and lucrative benefits. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are the preferred days for deals by big companies. They provide great offers such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free or one of the best cashback offers. Most sites also offer flash sales at the end of the week or month.

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  • Gift Cards– these are the best way to pay online. People give these cards mostly on occasions to their families and dear ones. You can shop at any time through these cards and they can also be purchased online.
  • Mobile App Purchase over Website– Shop through the mobile app of that brand to get worthwhile deals. It is a new trend to make customers shop through their app as most people are attuned to their mobiles. Accessing a laptop or a desktop might not be very convenient for some people.
  • Price Guarantee– Many websites provide a price guarantee to their customers. This means that if the price of a particular product that you purchased drops within a specified duration after you bought it, you will be refunded the difference amount in the form of rewards or cashback offers, or it’ll be transferred to your wallet.
  • Price Comparison– There are a few sites that offer a comparison of prices. Some sellers provide economical prices at low credibility. When you are shopping online, it is essential to look at all the factors. Sellers find creative ways to keep their listings on top of price comparison sites.

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Factors to Consider While Shopping Online

Before buying products online, you must go through certain steps to make sure it is legit. Some factors to keep in mind-

  • Reviews and Ratings– Don’t forget to check the reviews of the product you’re buying and the rating of the site or app from where you’re buying. Sometimes, cashback offers on specific products can be very tempting, but don’t buy them before looking at the reviews.
  • Company’s Privacy Policy– If you’re buying from an unknown online portal, checking its privacy policy should be the first step. Although if you’re shopping from a well-known site or app, you can let go of this step.
  • Return Policy– Every brand has a different return policy. They allow you to return your product during a specific period. Make sure to check the date of purchase and such policies thoroughly before buying anything
  • Don’t use Public Wifi– Your shopping can turn into a matter of public interest if you shop using public WiFi. No matter how good the service is, it might be an unsecured connection that makes your data vulnerable.


Any product that you want, whether it is for your household or furniture, you can get it online. Online portals like have a wide range of products and provide the best cashback offers and lucrative benefits that can easily attract you.

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