In this article, I am going to discuss about how you can convert your product into a big brand.  As you know a product is manufactured in a factory, in a workshop, but a brand is manufactured in the mind. Yes! A brand is manufactured in the mind. Remember it doesn’t take a hard worker to make a brand; rather it takes a smart worker to make a brand. A brand is something that people discuss about behind your back. It spreads through word of mouth. You don’t require to publicizeit; people will publicize it themselves. Now are your aware what sells?

A brand is that commodity what has a large demand but less supply. A brand is where people queue up to purchase it but you are not able to fulfill it. If this is the case with your product; then it is a brand otherwise it is just another commodity. While branding your product, your attitude also plays a great role. If you think that your prospect, your customer is not going to purchase it at the price that you have quoted for it; if that is what you think; then definitely your customer is not going to purchase it!


On the other hand, if you are enthusiastic about your product and if you are thoroughly convinced that you are giving far more benefits to the customer than what you are charging for the product; then take it from me that your product is going to sell like hot cake. So it majorly depends on your frame of mind. If you are convinced about your product, you can make the customer excited about it too. Hence, it is all in your mind. The more you elaborate on the benefits, that you are giving to the customer, the more you think from the perspective of your customer the more likely are you to sell it easily to the customer. For instance, if you are selling a car, then stress upon the features of the car, inform the customer about the benefits he is going to get in purchasing that car. Give him what he wants, not what you think is good for him.

The customer does not get impressed about your assets; he only gets impressed by what you can give him; how well you can understand his needs and how well you can supply him his needs. Give the fish a caterpillar not an ice cream.

A customer will always try to balance out the price in the ratio of the benefits. If the price is more but the benefit is less; he will not buy it. Contrastingly, if the price is high but the benefits are much higher, there is not an iota of doubt that your product will be purchased by him for sure. And once your product starts selling, it will definitely become a brand. Today’s customer is ready to pay the asked price if he is getting what he wants. Your entire company is your branding department. If your employees are happy with the company, they will definitely portray a happy picture of your company. And if the customer is satisfied with your product; he will involuntarily work as your branding agent by promoting your product through word of mouth.

Another important thing is how quick you are in taking decisions. If you take quick decisions, it helps you in taking quick action and sooner you achieve your desired results. And also not every decision can be right but this is how you learn.

So, take quick decisions, meet the needs of the customer and sell your product and see it turning into a brand because if you are not a brand, you are just another commodity.

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