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How to Prevent Pest Infestations in Your Office

For many, home and office are almost one and the same, but, unfortunately, that can lead to more relaxed home-like office standards for cleanliness, which increases the risk of pests. Infestations can arise in traditional offices if standards drop. They’re a surefire way to lower productivity, reduce morale, and endure complex, detailed extermination measures. Let’s see what it takes to prevent pest infestations in your office.

Are Pests Clocking In?

Pests problems often aren’t spotted in an office building until weeks, months, or even years after their first arrival. Here are some signs that your office may be at risk of an infection, or already infected.

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First check the floor, window sills, shelving, or places where carpets and walls meet for wood shavings or sawdust, dead bugs, and shed skins. Pests might be actively living and breeding inside the building if you hear scratching or rustling noises. Louder scratching noises and nickel-sized holes in walls may indicate rodents. An unpleasant, sweet, and pungent odor can indicate the presence of pests, not to mention any apparent droppings.

Every type of pest and species is unique. If you work in a below-ground part of a building, spider webs in corners, windows, shelving, doors, light fixtures, and ceilings might indicate an unusual presence of spiders. 

Termites, or certain ants, can be detected by the sound of hollow wood, or wood that cracks under pressure from a floorboard or behind the siding. Termites dig mud tubes that are light brown, similar to dried mud, and have a diameter of about a drinking straw. Rodents, common for offices, can be indicated by pierced or chewed objects, as well as holes in boxes or packaging.

Precautions to Keep Your Office Pest Free

So, how can you keep pests out of your office? Instead of solely relying on separate custodians, encourage employees to tidy up after themselves and keep the office in better shape. Maintain a cleaning schedule and hygienic workplace policies. Some other valuable habits to include are:

  • Employees should never leave food at their desks or in the break room at any time, day or night. Food should be put away or thrown out if not in use.
  • Clean up any spills or messes right away, and do not leave them to someone else.
  • De-clutter your office by removing piled folders, papers, and boxes, as these provide excellent habitats for pests.
  • Maintain lower, comfortable temperature and humidity levels.

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Book Regular Pest Control Inspections

Outside of precautions to try and avoid pests, the best solution for a clever businessperson is to schedule regular pest control inspections done by a qualified pest control Mesa, AZ, team. Pest prevention experts know how to spot threats and figure out which pest(s) you’re dealing with. They can then make recommendations to avoid infestations in the future. This is less expensive than getting a thorough extermination or having reconstruction work done.

Your office or workspace needs special care for the sake of your financial stability and health. The tips above will help prevent pest infestations in your office and keep your business operating at full speed.

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