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Strong Reasons To Upgrade to High-Index Lenses

If you’re someone who has always worn glasses, you’re probably used to small changes in your prescription and updating your frames every year or so. But have you ever heard of high-index lenses?

High index lenses are powerful lenses that are incredibly thin and discreet. This means that even individuals with incredibly strong prescriptions can minimise the width and visibility of their lenses. Of course, thicker lenses are much more affordable, but choosing to invest in high index lenses – you’ll be able to choose the grade – could mean more confidence, a better look and more frames to choose from. The higher the index lens, the thinner your lenses will be, and because these lenses are perfect for all strengths of vision correction, everyone can benefit from them and be a step closer to the frames and eyewear they really want.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the strongest reasons to upgrade to high index lenses, read on to find out more.

You’ll Never Know They’re There

Most lenses are visible inside frames from certain angles, and if you have a high prescription then your lenses are likely to be thick and bulky. Not a great look! With high index lenses, you’ll get a thinner and sleeker option, making your glasses much more functional and stylish by simply making the switch. This can certainly give you more confidence, especially if you’re wearing glasses at work.  

Your Prescription Is Strong

A stronger prescription means stronger and thicker lenses, if you’re someone who is conscious of how thick your lenses are going to be within your frames, then high index lenses could literally cut the thickness in half. Just because you need a stronger corrective lens doesn’t mean you have to draw the short straw when it comes to eyewear!

You Hate Your Heavy Glasses

When your lenses are thicker, they’re heavier which means they’re going to feel heavy on your face and won’t stay put for very long. This can be incredibly distracting when you’re at work or even behind the wheel. By upgrading to high index lenses, you’ll enjoy a much lighter pair of glasses – if not completely weightless – giving you more freedom and comfort during your day.

Your Current Lenses Make Your Eyes Enlarged

We all want to look our best, and wearing glasses should give you confidence and complement your signature look, effortlessly. Unfortunately, if you have a stronger prescription then the curvature of your thicker lenses will magnify your eyes, giving you a distorted appearance or the “jam-jar effect”. This can make anyone feel self-conscious, so why not upgrade to a high index lens instead?

You Want Better Frames

Some frame styles such as rimless or thin, Boho style designs aren’t meant for thicker lenses. They just don’t look right. By choosing to upgrade to high index lenses, you’ll get the best of both worlds – thinner, modern lenses and an endless range of frames to choose from.

Final Thoughts…

There are plenty of reasons to update your eyewear and invest in high index lenses. Speak with your optometrist today to discuss your options.

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