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The History of Jackpotjoy

The online gaming market is experiencing a boom like never before. Advanced technology has made games more accessible to gamers than ever.

Gamers from every niche are taking to online gaming in a big way. This includes online casino gaming enthusiasts as well.

According to Data Bridge Market Research, the online casino gaming market will reach a staggering $144 Bn by 2028.

This unprecedented growth has led to the emergence of numerous online casino sites. These sites have lucrative bonuses and good payouts as compared to traditional casinos.

However, not every online casino gaming site out there is equally safe and reliable. Hence, an awareness of some of the more reliable gaming sites can always help a player.

Jackpotjoy is one of the popular online gaming sites that is highly safe and reliable. This article explores the history of Jackpotjoy along with the games you find here.

An Introduction to Jackpotjoy

Today Jackpotjoy is the largest operator of online bingo globally. Its offerings are primarily focused on bingo-based games, but there are other games like online slot games and poker as well.

It is an example of a highly regulated online casino platform that focuses on largely organic growth. Its focus is on female-oriented gaming or soft-gaming and primarily on casino bingo.

It holds an impressive 23% market share in the online casino market in the UK, as per the Edison Group. It has a huge user-base in parts of Europe and the Nordic region, and is expanding to Spain and Latin America.

History and Growth of Jackpotjoy

Jackpotjoy is a brand owned by the company JPJ. What we know today as JPJ began its journey back in 2014 as The Intertain Group. It was established as a merger of four acquisitions and witnessed rapid growth in the years that followed.

The year 2016 witnessed a major strategic review that gave JPJ a highly experienced UK management team. It was during this period that JPJ inched towards an organic growth strategy.

Today, the company has been listed in the London Stock Exchange (LSE) since 2017. What differentiates it from the other online casino companies is its target audience (female demographic aged 35-50).

Jackpotjoy is the leading brand of JPG, earning 69% revenue of the company. Currently, the hosting of the Jackpotjoy brand of games has been outsourced to Gamesys.

Jackpotjoy is one of the highly popular sites for casino gamers. Attractive bonuses, lower waiting times and bigger prizes are some of the factors working in its favour.

Jackpotjoy is the flagship brand the JPJ company owns and it was launched in the UK in 2002. However, within the shortest time it grew fast to emerge as the top online bingo-led game in the UK.

Today, Jackpotjoy has caught up well in the domain of mobile casino games as well, with regular updates introduced. The priority has always been the safety and security of the users, which has contributed to its growth.

Popular Jackpotjoy Games

Jackpotjoy has some amazing games to offer. Here we shall look at the most popular bingo-led games.

1] Bubble Up Bingo

This is an exclusive bingo game available on this site alone. It was launched in 2021 as an extension of the new bingo brand Double Bubble Bingo, with a similar theme.

It’s your usual 90 ball bingo with a twist! The player can double the prize by claiming any 1L, 2L or FH win on a double number.

2] Bingo Royale

Another traditional 90 ball bingo with a twist, Bingo Royale is also exclusive to Jackpotjoy. Even after the full house has been claimed, you can have still more winners!

The players could be given up to 5 extra balls, thereby creating the possibility of more than one winner.

3] Game Show Bingo

This is another traditional 90 ball bingo played for 1L, 2L and full house. However, the ‘Fantastic 51 Super Jackpot’ is the top draw in this game.

This ensures the player gets a prize if they make a claim within the first 51 calls.

4] The Crystal Maze Bingo

This one is appealing for its visual aesthetic alone, which is inspired by the Crystal Maze television show. Other than that, it is your regular 90 ball bingo game.

5] Session Bingo

Session Bingo is different because you pay for a set of sessions instead of just one game. Jackpotjoy offers one of the best experiences with online Session Bingo.

Session Bingo lets you decide on the amount you want to spend during the game. If you intend to play multiple bingo-led games, you can save time and money with Session Bingo.

In addition to the games mentioned above, Jackpotjoy offers the traditional 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball online bingo games. There are also bingo slot games, poker games, Slingo, Live Casino, and more.

Bingo slots are basically bingo games that are played on a machine resembling a slot machine. Bingo slots are popular because they are entertaining and appeal to people.


If you are an online gaming enthusiast, then you will find Jackpotjoy extremely entertaining and fun. You can even bring the Jackpotjoy casino gaming experience to your mobile with the mobile app for Android and iOS.

The advanced security ensures you have a safe and protected gaming environment. The Jackpotjoy site is what you need to explore for an all new experience when it comes to online casino games!

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