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What jobs are in demand in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world, almost all industries are developing there. Today, more than 75% of foreigners from all over the world work in the United Arab Emirates, of which more than half are based in Dubai. Working as a specialist gives a good chance of high earnings, and promising career growth. This city needs professionals, there look at work experience, reliability, English language skills, education, communication skills and psychological stability.

Especially appreciated appearance, so you enhance the image of the company in which you work. It is customary there to train and give the opportunity to find a job of your dream, which will be with fantastic conditions and good salary. If you want to work in another country, you will be given good references and certificates of training.

The main criterias of employees that employers need are professional level, experience, good health and equilibrium This is needed to negotiate and close deals.

To get a job in the Arab Emirates you need to find an employer and sign a preliminary employment contract. To work in this country is only possible with a work visa, which opens directly in the territory of the Arab Emirates.

What professions are popular and in demand?

Dubai is a modern metropolis. It’s hard to name a profession the Arab Emirates doesn’t need. A lot of jobs in Dubai are in demand – from handymen to airliner pilots, from dishwashers to top managers. If you are a girl and you come to work there as a waitress, you can later become a secretary or manager.

And if you are a man who came to work as an animator, over time you can become a department manager at the same hotel. The most popular jobs in Dubai you can view and choose on layboard. This site specializes in finding work for people from the Middle East.

A very popular sphere of the hotel business.  There are many high-class hotels where you can get invaluable experience. Vacancies such as: administrator, receptionists, maids, interpreters, bartenders, waiters, animators, lifeguards in water parks, dance groups, clowns, musicians.

Also, in addition to your salary you will be provided with free housing, food, medical care, also free transportation to work or reimbursement for the cost of transportation. In addition to the salary stipulated in the employment contract, there is a system of additional payments: for service, tips, monthly bonuses. Together with the additional payments and possible growth, you can earn very well here. Almost the same prospects for other service workers: massage therapists, fitness instructors, hairdressers, salespeople.

The demand for labor is noticeable in the following areas:

  1. tourism
  2. service sector
  3. construction

According to some predictions over the past 5-6 years, the population of the country will increase from 4 to 10 million, respectively, the demand for labor in these areas will increase.

Advantages and disadvantages of working and living in Dubai

Dubai has many advantages, such as: many different possibilities,

favorable conditions for business, high income, employment, opportunity to live in a rich and safe country, access to good and affordable real estate.

Financial Benefits

The standard of living of the people of Dubai and tourists coming here, is extremely high, so with the right approach to business, you can count on excellent profits.

Always evolving real estate

For 10 years, construction in Dubai does not stop, new residential and commercial buildings are constantly being built. All this has led to the fact that there is no shortage of offices and housing in the United Arab Emirates.

An excellent health care system

For several decades, the government have built a great health care system with hundreds of hospitals and pharmacies, with expensive equipment and good specialists.


Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, the city is patrolled by many police officers, so you can have a walk at any time of day and not be afraid for your family.

Serious crimes are rarely committed here because the penalties are quite severe.

High standard of living

That is why in the Arab Emirates you can make a good career, build a successful business, get rich.

Low prices

Dubai has become a popular destination for shopping lovers, with many things and services at low prices. Those who are going to drive their own car will definitely like the cost of fuel, which is much cheaper than in Ukraine or countries of Europe.

Lots of opportunities for entertainment

There you can go to public clear beaches, walk in parks, sightsee, relax in entertainment centers, go to the cinemas or the theaters and do sports. Also quite saturated in Dubai and nightlife. There are many bars, restaurants and nightclubs. You definitely won’t get bored.

The unnecessity of learning difficult Arabic

All locals know English, documentation is often bilingual, road signs, menus in cafes and more are clear to English-speaking citizens. So if you come here to earn money, you only need to know English.

What about disadvantages? There are not many disadvantages, but they are there.

Unfavorable climate

There are no cold winds, snowfalls, incessant rains, or extreme temperature fluctuations. But the temperature in summer reaches extremely high degrees     (+35 … +45 ° C)

Unusual traditions and laws

They live under Sharia law, which provides for the death penalty for serious crimes: premarital sex, distribution of drugs, preaching a religion other than Islam, homosexual relations, adultery, etc.

Traffic jams and  strange driving style of local drivers

Most drivers in Dubai are not too reverent about the rules of the road.

Inability to get citizenship.

The visa is valid for 2 or 3 years. After it expires, you will not be able to apply for citizenship, but you can continue the visa, if you have reason to do it. You can renew the visa many times, but even a long stay in Dubai will not allow you to become a citizen.

Finally, from all of the above, we can conclude that the most popular and in demand professions in Dubai are professions related to communication with people, labor, and high-quality specialists. Also, if person is a true professional in his job and knows that he does his job better than anyone else – he also will not stay without work. They appreciate them in Dubai!

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