Best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps for Androids (2018 Edition)


Hacking Wi-Fi networks is an integral part of learning the delicacies of ethical hacking and penetration testing and this is the reason why we need some quality Wi¬-Fi hacking apps for Android to test the security of the network. Some of the popular and trustworthy hacking tools are zANTI, WPS Connect, Aircrack-ng, etc.

Wifi hacking
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How safe Wi-Fi networks are and why there is a need for a Wireless Fidelity hacking tool?

No device or network can be completely safe and secure. The white hat security researchers and notorious hackers keep on making efforts to find a flaw in networks so that they can take control of your devices. They can attempt to hack any network and your home or office Wireless Fidelity network is not an exception to it. Wireless Fidelity networks pose an extra security challenge in comparison to wired networks as the signals of a wireless network are accessible by the public. Although there are different security features like WPA2 that can encrypt traffic, there are techniques that have the power to tamper with the security of your network. So, it is necessary to keep using different tools and methods to ensure the security of your Wi-Fi.

Apart from Android, hacking tools are also available for other platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, and iOS.

12 best Wi-Fi Hacking Apps for Android platform

  1. Aircrack-ng

You need to have a real Wi-Fi hacking app to test network security of your Wi-Fi and to make sure that you have got good tools to protect yourself. This app makes sure that you have got yourself covered along with making you learn about nuances of Wi-Fi hacking. Aircrack-ng is a popular Wi-Fi hacking tool. It has been ported to Android by many Android developers and security enthusiasts. Running aircrack-ng on Android is not an issue, but hacking a Wi-Fi chipset that supports monitor is really a difficult part.

— Aircrack-ng ports: GitHubXDA-developers

  1. WPA WPS Tester

WPA WPS Tester Android app is one of the most popular Wi-Fi password hacker tools. It was developed with an intention to scan the Wi-Fi networks for vulnerabilities. This hacking application is known for its ability to break security. WPA WPS Tester tests the connection to Access Points with WPS PIN, which is calculated using various algorithms such as Zhao, Blink, Asus, Arris, and so on. To run this app you need to have Android 4.0 and up.

WPA WPS Tested

  1. Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali Linux is the best operating system known for the purpose of ethical hacking. The Kali Linux Nethunter is the first open-source Android penetration testing platform. To use this Wi-Fi hacking tool, a Kali’s Wifite tool is required. Nethunter’s configuration interface enables you to take care of the complex configuration files. Its custom kernel, which supports 802.11 wireless injections, makes the app really useful and purposeful hacking tool.

— Kali Linux NetHunter

  1. ZANTI

Zanti is launched by Zimperium. It is a widely popular hacking app that lets the security managers analyze the risk levels in a network. It is an easy to use mobile penetration toolkit that can be used for Wi-Fi network assessment and penetration. Its Wi-Fi scanner shows the access points with known default key configuration in green color. This app can also be used to kill connections to prevent the target to access any website or server. You can identify the holes in your network and make amends by mirroring such methods that are usually used by cyber attackers.

— ZAnti

  1. Reaver for Android

Reaver for Android (RfA) is a Wi-Fi password hacker app. It is a simple-to-use Reaver-GUI for Android smartphones. Shipping with the monitor-mode support that can be activated and deactivated as per your requirement, Reaver detects WPS-enabled wireless routers on its own. All the Rfa settings are available with its GUI. A brute force attack is launched by this hacking application against WPS registrar PINs and recovers the WPA/WPA2 passphrases. Rfa has been tested on a wide variety of devices and thus it is able to get the target AP’s plain text WPA/WPA2 passphrase in around 2-5 hours. The Rfa app also supports external scripts.

— Reaver for Android

  1. Penetrate Pro

Penetrate Pro is a simple tool that has the potential to take care of your Wireless Fidelity analysis needs. This app needs rooting to work and scanning the Wi-Fi networks available around. It works with several kinds of routers and calculates WEP/WPA keys.

— Penetrate Pro

  1. Nmap

Nmap for Android is a useful app that enables you to hack WiFi and taking a look at available hosts, services, packets, firewalls, and so on. Nmap for Android is a useful app for both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones. However, non-rooted users do not get to use the advanced features like SYN scan and OS fingerprinting. The developers of this Wi-Fi hacker application have shared the already compiled binary versions of Nmap with OpenSSL support. This hacking app is also available on other platforms like Windows, Linux, etc.

— Nmap for Android

  1. Wi-Fi Kill

This Wi-Fi hacking tool is one of the most popular hacking applications for ethical hackers. Wi-Fi Kill is an app that allows you to disable the internet connection of a device. It has a simple interface that you can use to get rid of the unnecessary users on the network. It has other features that include showing the traffic used by a device, the network names, and grabbing the traffic of websites visited by other devices. This hacking application needs root access for functioning. When you fire the app, after scanning the network it shows different users connected and to end the internet connectivity you can simply do so by using the kill button.

— WiFi Kill

  1. WPS Connect

WPS Connect is one of the popular Wi-Fi hacking applications for Android smartphones which you can install and start playing with the Wi-Fi networks available around you. If you are working on a rooted Android device, this application lets you disable other user’s internet connection. Ethically WPS Connect is primarily intended to use for verifying whether your Wi-Fi router is secure or not. Default PINs and WPS Connect both include algorithms like Zhao Chesung (ComputePIN) or Stefan Viehböck (easyboxPIN). This WiFi hacking app for Android works with Android 4.0 or higher.

— WPS Connect

  1. WIBR+

WIBR+ was originally created to test the security and integrity of Wi-Fi networks. You can get answers to your Wi-Fi hacking questions by using Bruteforce and dictionary attacks. WIBR+ app is used for cracking Wi-Fi passwords and also allows you to use custom dictionaries. As per your requirements, priority, and network, you can select different options available–lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special characters–for performing the attack. It depends upon the strength of your password that how much time WIBR+ takes to crack the password.


  1. Netspoof

Netspoof or NetwoSpoofer is another popular application to sniff someone’s Wi-Fi using android devices. This Wi-Fi hacking application lets you play with websites on other people’s devices using your smartphone. This app is licensed under GNU GPNv3. It runs on rooted devices with greater ease. A custom firmware like CyanogenMod can also be tried to use this app. It has a range of features like redirecting websites to other pages, deleting random words from websites, changing all pictures to troll face, and so on.

— Netspoof

  1. Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer is not exactly a Wi-Fi hacking tool for Android, rather it is more like a prank app. This app lets you pretend as if you’ve broken into your friend’s Wi-Fi and gained access. It has a very professional look along with a Wi-Fi scanner that detects all the Wi-Fi hotspots nearly. So, this is a must-have application if you love to fool your friends around.

— WiFi Analyzer

This is not the end of the article because we always have something more for you. So apart from already mentioned 12 hacking apps for penetration testing and security analysis, here we are providing another list comprising of notable and popular Android Wi-Fi hacking tools that you can use crack Wi-Fi:

  • Shark for Root
  • Fing Networks Tools
  • Router Keygen
  • WiFi Inspect
  • Arpspoof

Hope you find our list of Wi-Fi hacking tools useful. Try them and improve your ethical hacking skills.

Disclaimer: The list of Wi-Fi hacking Android apps shared in this article is for educational purposes only. Readers are expected to use them for testing their own security. Hacking or attempting to crack someone else’s Wi-Fi security without their permission is a criminal offense. So, use these tools on your own responsibility.