ELSS Funds – Tips to invest best tax saving ELSS funds

Best ELSS Funds

Best ELSS Funds In 2018

Everyone has to face official tax saving season which is the best time to look for the financial year thereby analyzing maximum deduction as well as tax credits that eventually reduces the burden of a tax. Moreover both the private as well as public sector employees started receiving lots of people from a human resource which is considered as a proof of tax saving investment. All the taxpayers are trying to put efforts to reduce taxes that will help in minimizing the salary cut in the month of January to March 2018. However, there are some best elss funds to invest in 2018 that you should know so that you will understand how you can save maximum taxation.

About the ELSS tax saving mutual Fund

ELSS is nothing by equity-linked mutual funds and are often known as tax saving mutual funds. These are provided as tax exemptions where u/s 80C end up to Rs 1.5 lakhs. There is the maximum possibility in which you can increase the investment to Rs 1.5 lakhs then there will be tax exemption. If suppose your investment is more than that then you are not said to be qualified as the 80C exemption.

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ELSS funds for long-term wealth creation

For people who do not consider high risk of equity investment as a biggest issue can easily get involved in this type of ELSSs. Perhaps the best elss funds will give you the best solution which will reduce the tax productivity. At present most of the shares concerned in different aspects like S&P BSE Sensex and Nifty 50 are considered as the existing share market. At the same time, there has been a huge success that has started attracting and increasing the mutual funds.  So it is expected in the quarter year of 2018 there are maximum chances for the best elss funds 2018 to definitely pick up.

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While considering all the tax saving products ELSSs is undoubtedly the solid form which has the least lock-in period of approximately 3 years. At the same time, they are also said to be the most riskiest ones. However, if you would like to invest in ELSSs then you should definitely consider it as a long-term investment for more than 5 years. By doing so you will be benefited and have lots of profit from it.

Eventually, there is no dearth of choices especially in the circumstances where you consider ELSS into Mutual Funds category. The essential thing that you need to do is to analyze it and then start the investment. Choosing appropriate fund also plays an important role upon which you have to face lots of problems choosing the wrong one. In most of the cases, the performance of the funds may vary depending on the situation and is not same throughout the year. If suppose one fund is who benefited in the present year and you may not expect the same to be continued in the next as well. Thus, there is lots of importance and pressure imposed on you before you can actually select the right elss fund. By doing so you will minimize the risk factor involved in it.

How to pick up the best elss mutual fund in 2018?

Whenever you are going to select the elss we have to be very much careful. The wrong selection will definitely take back to the starting stage and even you cannot pick up from it. So you need to be very wise while choosing it as there are even some best elss mutual funds in India that will help you to choose the appropriate one. You should also keep focused on the need to pay the tax planning. In fact, there are many hosts of provisions that are provided under the authentication of Tax Act and many more revenues. Planning is the biggest asset that you can probably involve while making it a more strategic that need to be implemented with practice and knowledge. To minimize the risk factors it is very much essential that you have to have a look at each and everything that you considered. There are some professionals who will also help in guiding the individuals to know how to choose the right ones. In fact, this can be the big advantage for the people who are interested to invest in the funds.

Benefits associated with ELSS tax saving mutual funds

You will be facilitated with lots of benefits upon which you can enjoy the tax saving Mutual Funds at your own interest. But before that you have to take proper interest to choose the right fund otherwise it will give you negative impact. Whatever it may be the provided benefits will help you to understand how important the ELSS tax saving mutual funds are.

  • There are maximum chances in which you can invest in ELSS funds offers an exemption of up to Rs. 1.5 Lakhs u/s 80c.
  • Exclusively ELSS fund transfer has the specialty to lock-in period approximately 3 years. When compared with that of other instruments like that of NSC which has approximately 6 years at the same time PPF has 15 years lock-in period which may be the little bit cumbersome.
  • Even though there are many taxes saving the schemes in which you can adapt using funds bi-monthly SIP which would help the individuals to save lots of money. Then there are maximum chances that you have to invest as low as Rs 500 per month via SIP in this type of elss funds.
  • If you are interested in investing in the tax saving Mutual Funds by choosing dividend option available in the ELLS funds then it has dividend option. Probably you will have the facility to utilize the dividend between the lock-in period of 3 years as per its rule.
  • In addition to that, the tax saving funds are always provided that high return values when compared with that of other tax saving metals such as PPF, NSC, as well as other Bank saving fixed deposit schemes and so on.

Tips To Invest In Best Tax Saving ELSS Funds

Here are some tips that will help you how to invest in the best tax saving ELSS  funds. By knowing these tips you will have a basic idea how to move ahead.

  • You can simply start investing in one of the best ELSS by using the systematic investment plan at the starting of the financial year. Make sure that you never invest at the end of the year but only during the starting of the financial year.
  • You can easily focus on some good ELSS which can be provided within 5 to 7 years when you start investing in it. It is very much essential that you should never try to pull off your money when you are reaching a 3rd year or 4th. Make sure that you hold the funds as much as possible.
  • While choosing ELSS mutual Funds you have to be very much careful otherwise you will end up choosing the wrong funds. Instead of giving profits it will become a big burden for you.
  • If you consider yourself as a risk-averse investor then you can probably consider yourself in investing huge Mutual Funds as this would benefit you in lots of ways.


To sum up, the ELSS mutual funds are always benefited if used in properly. At the same time, there are maximum chances to be subjected to lots of risks. So you have to be very much selective in choosing ELSS funds to console someone who can help you how to get rid of it. In addition to that, you should never depend upon the past performance of the ELSS mutual funds as they do not guarantee you to be the same in future as well. Make sure that you always compare the performance of the ELSS that you have selected.