robot love aww

Robot love [Animation AWW]

This is the image of giant robot love story. The reverse tells a tale of heart break or the end of a marriage. this ideas inspirated me from the reddit community.

6 Millet Health Benefits and the role in the life of ancestors

Learn some benefits, Government policies and the impact of Green Revolution and Importance of different types of millets.
types of entrepreneurs

Top 7 Types of Entrepreneurs in 2019

An entrepreneur faces different type challenges every next moment.Success will be different for every entrepreneur and so their success story.
Women Empowerment

Essay on Women Empowerment: Benefit & Necessity

"Women empowerment" and "women equality with men" is a universal issue. But women in India literally face various issue like equality.
business ideas

51 low budget profitable business ideas for beginners startups in India 2019

Self-owned businesses are for those who don’t like to work under a person or may avoid poking of a nose of various unwanted people and also enjoyed by flexible working hours. Now, the question arises that what business ideas may start? And is it worth risk taking?
Thanksgiving wallpaper

15 Thanksgiving desktop Wallpaper 2018

Here are the 15 thanksgiving desktop wallpaper are always something more different and unique. In fact, they are very easy to decorate every place especially your computer and house.
social commerce

A Quick Introduction to Social Commerce

Social commerce is a concept that is quite far reaching. To be successful at it, you need to keep a pulse on what your clients want and find ways to provide that to them.
top 10 small business ideas

Top 10 Small business ideas can be done from Home 2019

Do you want to be independent, but doesn’t have enough money to start your own business? Here, are some list of small businesses to start your own business.