types of accounts

Types of Accounts involved in Accounting System

These types of accounts are further classified in three categories of accounts which are as follows: real account, personal account, nominal account.
Why beginners should not try shorting a stock

Why beginners should not try shorting a stock

There’s a lot of potential cash to be made in the world of stocks and shares, and especially for those who specialize in shorting stock.
how to create company in tally

How to create a company in Tally?

To begin with accounting in Tally the most important thing one needs to be informed about is how to create company in Tally ERP 9.
purchase return journal entry

Maintaining journal for purchased returns- Get all the details here

There are a lot of people who are running their businesses and use different tools for Accounting. To keep the business running smoothly a...
debit note

What is Debit Note And Credit Note and it’s Important and Difference?

Debit note is commercial instrument used by buyers to convey the request to issue credit note in favour of buyers. It is popularly known as debit memorandum.
what is tds

All you need to know about TDS

TDS deduction also known as Tax Deducted at Source is the TDS full form is a framework fabricated and designed by the the ITDCG.
golden rules of accounting

What do you need to know about golden rules of accounting?

Accounting is one of the major fields into which there are a lot of people. So these people must need to know golden rules of accounting.

TDS on withdrwal of EPF under section 192A wef 01.06.2015

As per the 192a of income tax act, the overall balance view and becoming payable for an individual who is active in a recognized prudential fund.
aadhar card status

How To Check Aadhar Card Status By Enrollment ID? How To Find Lost Aadhar...

You can check Aadhaar card status online on official website for Aadhaar card or send new SMS with UID STATUS on 12341048002615. Read for more details.
tally notes

Get to know about all the vouchers in tally

There are a lot of tally notes available on internet which can help the people go through the tally basics.