4 Reasons Why Construction Estimating Software is So Popular

4 Reasons Why Construction Estimating Software is So Popular

It’s rare to see construction contractors that don’t use estimating software in their day-to-day businesses, even though just twenty years ago.
CIF Number

What is CIF number? Where can you find yours?

CIF stands for customer information file that contains all financial history of account holders. You can find your CIF number online and offline on various places...
tally erp 9 tutorial

Tally ERP 9 Tutorials Basic & Advanced online guides & classes

So with the tally tutorials, quick info notes and videos along with the examples so that it becomes easy for them to digest all the information.
tally shortcut keys

Tally erp 9 shortcut keys list

Before here we move to tally shortcut keys pdf for you it is important to understand that shortcut keys play a great part in tally erp 9.
gst invoice format in tally

Preparing Tax invoice in Tally erp 9 under GST and invoice format- Get to...

Now there is need to prepare tally gst invoice. That is now every tax invoice is prepared using just one single tax that is GST.
journal entries in tally

How to Create Journal Entries in Tally

All this taken into consideration could be understood as the chief journal entries in Tally which could be created without much hassle.
purchase return journal entry

Maintaining journal for purchased returns- Get all the details here

There are a lot of people who are running their businesses and use different tools for Accounting. To keep the business running smoothly a...
sbi loan payment online

How Can I Pay My SBI Car Loan Payement? 2 Easy Way

The run-through for pre-payment and re-payment. As the people are working day and night being busy all the time. Being busy means dealing with meetings, tight schedules, going to a bank can be so tiring.
What Do You Need to Start Day Trading

What Do You Need to Start Day Trading?

Have you ever considered expanding your wealth and building your financial portfolio with a day trading strategy? There's a lot to think..
golden rules of accounting

What do you need to know about golden rules of accounting?

Accounting is one of the major fields into which there are a lot of people. So these people must need to know golden rules of accounting.