Real Estate Major EssDee Group goes green

EssDee Group

Some get to know facts about EssDee Group-

  • Founder – Mr. Durgesh Paul Sachdev
  • Year it was Found in – 1999
  • Director– Dhruv Sachdev
  • Where it is based– Delhi/NCR Region
  • Sector – Real Estate

Workforce – 100 People

EssDee Group is a privately owned and operated Delhi based general contracting company. EssDee provides construction services to clients in the residential, hospitality, retail, government and corporate/office markets

According to EPCA Environmental Pollution Control Authority, the construction activities are one of the major contributors in causing smog in Delhi, so to answer this need of an hour to the ongoing smog crisis in the capital, Delhi based real estate major EssDee Group, has decided to go green in all their construction projects. With a radical change in construction techniques, the real estate firm believes that this change will lead to at least 80% reduction in the construction dust released from the traditional material.

This was the need of the hour – we cannot spoil the future just for earning profit’s today,” said Dhruv Sachdev, Director EssDee Group.

When it comes to constructing modern residential buildings, environmental considerations should become one of the key features in the design. In an effort to streamline procedures and practices the engineering team at EssDee has spent over a year to develop and source new material which is environment-friendly.

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Sustainability and energy efficiency, combined with new and adapted technologies, will be the main principles underlying their future projects. By drawing on the best of practices, techniques and institutional structures, EssDee’s techniques will be suitable for use in all types of buildings.

The façade of their buildings will be fitted with Amorphous Silicon (thin-film) – Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) glass panels that will produce solar power in lowlight conditions. The façade generates additional solar power.

How can going green be good for the industry?

  • Low Maintenance and Operation Cost

Green buildings ensure efficient use of raw materials and resources such as water and energy. Some people may think that building a green building may cost them a fortune but reduced operation and maintenance cost may be cheaper for them in the long run.

  • Energy Efficiency

By using green ways of construction, the energy can be saved in abundance quantity. Energy efficiency is not only useful for the user but the for the whole world as non-renewable sources are expensive and pollutes the environment.

  • Enhances Indoor Environment Quality

Indoor environment depends upon the condition inside the building and green techniques may contribute immensely in enhancing indoor environmental quality. Good environment qualities improve the quality of life by reducing stress.

  • Water Efficiency

With summers around the corner, water efficiency is of utmost importance. Green techniques allows the use the alternative sources of water such as rainwater, reducing water wastage and it also enables recycling.

  • Better Health

This fact is no secret to anyone that living in a green and environment-friendly environment reduces stress and contributes in bringing better health to the individuals.

The path ahead

We plan to share our learnings with the entire industry, we truly want that all players in the industry become our partners to lead this change. Only if the industry realizes this today will be able to build a healthy world tomorrow. – assures Dhruv Sachdev.