How to select best location as a startup office?


The choice of the ideal office location as a startup can be essential for achieving success. That is why we cannot indicate one specific accommodation that is perfect for everyone. You will, therefore, have to specify the search to ensure that the office meets all the requirements that you set.

How to select best location as a startup office

However, you may not always find an office that meets all your expectations, in this case, it is a matter of estimating the right decision. In any case, don’t forget to do some research. If you are surrounded by successful organisations in an environment with the right image, infrastructure, market, employees and education, this will substantially contribute to the success of your startup. This article will help you understand how to choose the best office location as a startup.

Choose an office that matches the image of your company

The importance of the appearance of an office building and the specific office space is often underestimated. Every organisation has its own identity, and this should be emphasised by your choice of housing. The right office will further highlight your character and contribute to your image. For example, if you are located in an incredibly luxurious building, this can leave your customers with a completely different impression than when you are in a hip and young shared office. Below we present  a couple of points to take into account when searching for the ideal office location as a startup:

  • The first impression customers get when they see the office
  • Accessibility of the building
  • The image of the city where the office is located
  • The visibility of the building and the logo of your startup
  • An interior that matches your image

What facilities should the surrounding environment have?

For some startups, it may be essential to have specific facilities nearby. Consider, for example, telecommunications, big data and fast video streaming. If this is important for your company, various locations will fall off. The technical and information infrastructure can vary considerably per area. An old city centre can therefore sometimes be less suitable than a modern business park where the infrastructure is new and perfected.

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Single tenant or multi-tenant?

One of the most important choices is perhaps whether you are going to settle in a single tenant or multi-tenant office building. In a single tenant office, all facilities are for your own use, and you can also make all decisions regarding design and appearance. However, this is often more interesting for large organisations.

As a startup, you can probably opt for a multi-tenant office. Various companies are located in this type of office building, and that can benefit you as a starting entrepreneur. There are also multiple options in these buildings. For example, there are office spaces with completely open floors, then everyone is in a shared space. Besides, there are multi-tenant offices where you have your own space.


It goes without saying that the costs of an office are essential when considering an ideal office location as a startup. The view, status and demand at a specific office location will influence the price. Buying at an isolated location is often not an option and the rental prices there will be higher. However, this may be the right choice for your startup. Below are some points that can

help you with this consideration.

Costs for the ideal office location as a startup

  • Are the costs of the location worth it? (for example, because your market is there)
  • Is it necessary to renovate your office space?
  • Does it cost a lot of money to come to park there?
  • Is it possible to apply for a grant?


Clearly, finding your perfect office space is a challenging task, especially considering startups. We wish that the suggestions discussed earlier will help you in making a decision about ideal office location as a startup.