How you can Boost Collaboration with the Right Technology

Collaboration is nothing new in the business.

Any business that’s ever been successful has been built on a foundation of collaboration between teams so everyone is always pulling in the same direction.

In the past, collaboration has been a challenge but necessarily a big one, because employees at least worked in the same office, which made it easy to communicate and collaborate.

Today the challenge is building collaboration in businesses that don’t necessarily have all employees under one roof.

This is where technology comes in.

Building collaboration around the best technology stack is now critical for any modern business as it doesn’t just improve collaboration between your own team, but also between your business and its clients – as well as any other third-party providers.

In this quick guide, we look at the best technologies, such as business mobile phones, to help build collaboration into your business.

Online Cloud based communications

Communication is key to collaboration, and today’s online based technology makes it easy to collaborate from anywhere.

Cloud based video conferencing like Microsoft Teams makes meetings online just as easy and organized as face-to-face.

With features like screen share, you can work in real-time on a project with people dialed into the meeting, rather than all gathering in person.

Move your business onto the cloud

One of the biggest problems with the ‘traditional’ way of collaborating, is that because employees worked on their own devices it could be easy to create siloes where individual team members would work on the same project, one version at a time.

This can easily lead to problems where employees may not be working on the most recent versions of projects, which leads to lost productivity trying to work out which is the right version and ensuring all work is up to date.

Moving everything on to the cloud allows you to give employees access to the same system, tools and projects using their own login, and then they can all collaborate on the same project at the same time, ensuring everyone is working on the same and latest version.

Give everyone the right tools

As well as giving everyone access to the right software, applications and communications systems, you should also ensure employees have access to the best hardware to do their jobs.

Even something as simple as dedicated business mobile phones can help improve collaboration and the effectiveness of your business.

With business phones you can control what devices are being used in your business and also what apps are being used.

This ensures every employee is working with the same tools and equipment to create a more cohesive unit and prevent some employees using their own devices and apps and creating silos that can be hard to overcome.

Boosting collaboration is essential for better success

Using technology to create more collaborative businesses has become an essential part of success for any company.

By using technology you can not only reduce costs, improve productivity and increase collaboration, you can make your business more likely to meet – and beat – any challenges it faces in the future.

And it’s the companies that move quickly on technology that will reap the rewards.

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