Top 10 how to make money online as a teenager 2019


online jobs for teenagersAt some point of time when kids begin growing up, they regularly need to have some cash with them so as to do what they like. Requesting cash from parents each time would be difficult for them to do. So it is necessary for them to do some online job or business so that they have a better livelihood. There is a lot of opportunities for teenagers to make money online.

Employments are the most secure approach to earn some cash in contrast with business which requires a large amount of capital. Occupation is an essential factor and without it, life is difficult to live. With employment, we can do everything, satisfy our wants or families. It makes you increasingly adaptable and you can work settling down anyplace. Without the need to drive, you can work from anywhere and set aside some cash while earning too.

But the question arises what are the different types of online jobs. Whether online jobs can be done from home or how to make money online as a teen.

So here are your answer and some best online jobs that will help you to make money:

1) Sell old books:

selling old books online is an online opportunity. It is one of the best online jobs for 16 year old teenager. Many sites provide a platform to teenager to sell books online and also there are various other offline mediums.

2) Sell stuff online:

other than the books there are various other things and stuff that can be sold online. It is one of the online jobs that can be done from home also.

3) Site surfing:

surfing sites generally mean taking surveys and other opinions online. Experience is not needed to take up these kinds of surveys and anyone can apply or start taking up surveys. This is also an online job for teens that help them to earn without having any experience.

4) Enjoy cashback:

It is a type of online jobs from home.  There are various prizes or rewards for specific products. Once you purchased those products, some money or reward will be credited in your wallet which will be your prize or cashback.

5) Tutor:


for some people teaching is fun. Tutoring is one of the online jobs for teenagers if a person or teenager is interested or loves to share his learnings with others. There are various sites that provide virtual tutoring services. A person having a good command or having any specialization can start up this online job.

6) Content writer:

Freelance writer

one of the finest online jobs for teens is content writing. If you are having a strong command over your writing skills then you must grab this opportunity as this is one of the best online jobs for Content writer and will allow you to make money online as a teen.

7) Teach spoken English:

there is a high demand for English language tutor. With good command over English and English as your prior language, you can teach English virtually. There are various platforms and sites like the same speech. It is a good online job for 16 year old teenager.

8) YouTuber:

for an individual who loves to make videos and posting up online, YouTube is one of the platforms providing the services. It is also considered as the online jobs done from home also. It is also the best online job for teenagers who like to make videos. According to the number of views as you tuber earns.

9) Decorate and earn:

it solves the problem of how to make money online as a teen. As festive seasons are approaching, so teens can approach their neighbors and help them either with the aim to help them or to earn some amount of money.

10) Review music online:

Reviewing the music doesn’t require any special skills or ability. Everyone listens to music and there are various platforms that pay you to listen and review the music. They pay you according to the quality and length of your review. It is also an online job for teen and can be done from sitting at home also. The payment is made via PayPal.


There are many online jobs but these are some of the best online jobs that help teens to earn some cash without affecting their studies.