Marketing Tools You Might Want to Try in 2019

Marketing Tools You Might Want to Try in 2019

Starting an online business these days is significantly easier than it was a few years ago. Even if the various marketing tools and software available should be coupled with a thoughtful strategy as well as talented professionals in order for your business to run smoothly, they are vital if you want to do that easier and more efficiently.

With new marketing tools emerging every year, it might be a bit overwhelming to choose the right ones for your needs, yet this very variety makes it even more convenient to reach your business goals.

Whether you’re interested in tools to help you with content ideation and production or optimization, there is surely some sort of tool to take care of that. Here is a short list of some of the latest marketing tools to try. They were built for different purposes yet with the same idea in mind: to make it easier for you to work and run your business.


If you’re interested in a marketing tool pack that will cover your various needs, one of the most popular choices among marketers is HubSpot and the reasons behind its popularity are strong enough to make us believe that this tool and everything it comes with will play a central role in the digital marketing landscape.

Whether you need a form builder to help you convert your visitors into leads and grow your business faster, popup tools for custom forms, or live chat software to provide your customers with support, HubSpot has got it all covered.

Moreover, the CMS included in their marketing tool offer will allow you to build and manage a website as well as optimize it for every device. Not to mention that the fully-integrated CRM enables you to manage all of your content in just one place.


In case you’re into writing, you’re most probably familiar with tools like Google Docs, Google Drive, and Evernote. They do a great job at enabling you to edit, format, and share your content. Still, if using all of them clutters things a bit and you get to have too many tabs open when you research, you might want to try Airstory to keep all the interesting and useful photos, quotes, and information you find during your research in just one place.

This tool enables you to easily make notes of your research by dragging and dropping various types of content into the application you use for writing. This makes Airstory ideal if you work on books or you collaborate with other writers.


Analyzing your content and how good it performs based on specific criteria is a key activity when running an online business. Google Analytics is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, tool to help you with that.

However, marketers can try new such tools these days and Buzzsumo is one of them. This content marketing research tool makes it possible for you to analyze content performance and get information on backlinks and on influencers sharing your content.


Connecting with your customers or website visitors is essential when it comes to enjoying a successful business. Personalization plays a key role here and Mutiny was built to help you deliver a unique and personalized experience to your audience.

The various features it includes will enable you to take personalization one step farther. For example, you can use different popup forms for your mobile users and thus provide a more personalized experience.

Designed to help SaaS companies personalize websites and landing pages, this tool is committed to making it easier for you to close more sales.


In case you’re into e-commerce and you need a tool to help you personalize your customers’ experience, Evergage is worth trying. The tool comes with a bundle of features that will enable you to know your audience better and the intention of your visitors, respond to their queries in real time, offer personalized experiences and messages, and monitor statistics, just to name the main features.

Therefore, you might want to consider it whether you sell fashion items, crafts, or ground sterilizer. It was built to deliver a smooth and effective 1-to-1 experience across channels.

TheStocks.IM and Canva

Online businesses need professional visuals yet not all business owners or marketers have a graphic design certificate or advanced skills in this area. Thanks to TheStocks.IM and Canva, you can easily embellish your online presence with visuals that will appeal to your audience.

The first one is basically a photo library where you can find free images to match a wide variety of needs. It includes several free stock photo sites, which means it won’t be difficult for you to find what you need.

In case you want to create your own imagery but you’re a beginner when it comes to graphics, you can try Canva. It is a great option for beginners and experts alike. Even if you are new to this, you won’t find it difficult to create your own designs.

Plus, you can use the tool to produce various types of content marketing images ranging from social media covers to blog banners and posters.


If you’re into project management, you probably know that there are many tools to help you keep your tasks and team organized, monitor progress, assign tasks, and so on. Trello is a tool that stands out through its features and ease of use.

It is a good option if you produce content and your team includes many writers whose work you need to keep track of. Therefore, you can use it as an editorial calendar. It can be employed for other purposes as well, so you might also consider it for product feature roadmap and growth experiments.

There are many other marketing tools you can use to run your online business more effectively but they won’t replace a bad marketing strategy, not to mention a low-quality product. Therefore, see and use these tools as an extension of your efforts to sell a high-quality product and implement a strong strategy.