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12 Best Cool Prank Websites on Internet 2024

The web is one and only space whereupon an individual can invest his/her time. One can do that by watching videos, texting and trolls videos. However majority of us are try to keep an eye on the pranks and the hilarious yet best pranks on the web. And on the other side most of us are clueless about the websites where one can come across the best pranks. So here are we listing the top 19 prank websites on Internet of 2k19.

What are Pranks?

Pranking can be explained as carried by some people to show the foolishness of the people. So this leads to the outcome to be funny not only for the ones performing but also for the one who is watching the prank and if the victims if unaware of it, becomes really frustrating. The April fool’s day is celebrated on 1st of April every year. So on this particular day, most of us try to be aware and away of such pranks being tried on this, so this day anyone is trying to prank with someone or the other.

So trolling/pranking videos are more fun due to the random responses were waved out by the victims who unwantedly became the part of the prank and is the reason why the masses are always on the hunt for  new tricks to troll or prank their colleagues, friends, etc. So to get you some of the best trollwebsites, we got together a checklist of sites one can stick to in order pranking either friends or anybody you want to.

What does “Prank/Trolls” actually mean?

The internet defines pranking as any action of creating a funny video on merely any random post by knowingly uploading an irksome. Despite the fact that it is very much instinctive from one person to another in order to entail what a troll holds for them. To a handful, the comments posted are completely acceptable for one thread of observation. However they later recognize to have been redefined as trollers.

This frequently happens on majority of the prank sites or famous troll links. Nevertheless, when pranking others, do not turn a victim of cyber threat and in such a case when that happens, this is how you can get rid of the Trojan from the computer.

1. Blow Up the Phone

Acclaimed to be one of the ideal trolling sites on internet. Here on this site you can flood your friend’s cell with unknown calls and texts. Make use of this text/call prank links to convey not just hundreds but thousands of calls and messages from unique numbers to any mobile phone. One can play up the friend’s phone with texts along with phone calls.

You can send numerous phone calls and messages to the friends. Just check the number of how many and how frequent they should receive.

2. Fake Update

This particular website displays the latest screen of Android, windows and iOS etc. But however it is not an actual screen of update but a rather perfect fake which could be utilized in order to prank your friends.

3. WhatsFake

Making use of this site, one can have random as well as long and fake conversations which may look exactly like an original WhatsApp chat thread.

4. Greatbigstuff

The Greatbigstuff lets you order usual things for anyone such as alarm clock, paper pin etc. But in reality such things are not in usual sizes but of very huge size.

5. ShipYourEmemiesGlitter

This is one of a kind prank site, which can be used as a glitter blast to anyone you want to. So whosoever receives it will be surely irate.

6. GIFdanceParty

Such a site can be used to generate the gif dance party one can share with your friends, family and colleagues. But this website works perfectly on desktops only.

7. Nyan It

This site works when you add the URL of any random site after which it will include the Nyan cats. One can convey this URL randomly to anyone while one can sit back easy and watch the prank being played on others.

8. Shit Express

The Shit Express is a website which lets you to post shit to random people at any location across the glove. Additionally one does have the choice to send which animal’s shit you want to delivered to someone.

9. CatFacts

This is a great website which could be used to send the random and numerous facts with relevance to cats to friends and family. Short, yet you can determine the huge number of facts which could be sent to people. This is yet another flawless site for pranking and trolling people.

10. Hacker Typer

The Hacker Typer is a prank site unlike other websites on internet where you can begin typing anything and the outcome will appear like one can see on the hacker screen. If someone tries taking a look at it one will think that you are running some hacking codes. The people who are keen at looking at others screens will no doubt will be pranked.

11. Peter Answers

The Peter Answers is a unique website which is designed in such a manner which can give out hilarious answers which can prank anyone. The theme of Peter Answers is more like Siri from Apple but the real difference is the difference of the answers from one another. Another interesting fact about Peter Answers is that it does not use the same answer for 2 same questions.

12. News of Future

The News of Future is a website where one can find the most probable expected news of happenings around the world. It is not just hilarious but a highly useful site. This site operates on the algorithm of the recent news but rather giving more of a neutral news update, not good neither worst.

13. Geek Typer

The Geek Typer is an amazing site which is very much similar to Hacker Typer. You can use this site to fool those around you who are continuously trying to peep on your screen. With this site you can begin trolling those eagle eyed people you are surrounded by.

14. Crashsafari

The Crashsafari is actually a link which could be sent randomly to anyone in order to completely crash the web browser of any mobile, computer, laptop, PDA, handheld devices etc.

15. JibJab Messages

This is a rather very hilarious sites of the above mentioned prank sites. As this site will let you include funny messages and GIF to the selfies taken from a cell phone. Such selfies are actually funny have been added using this site.

16. Love Calculator

This is a wonderful prank website. The link of this website can be sent to any of your friends. After the link has been sent to your friends, they will have accessed to site whereupon they can mention the names of they want to calculate love percentage with. After that you will in turn get the names in mail. And it’s not done yet, after that they will get a message that they have been pranked right after which the screen will turn red. This is agreat site to know the name of the partner of your friend just in case you want to know it and they refuse to reveal it

17. Google Terminal

Majority of the masses use Google for gathering information namely from any site. The Google terminal is more of an early 80s screen. So it is not just a nostalgia screen but has a lot of hidden wonders which we know as tricks about Google. Mainly more like a Google gravity movement and so on. People will be surprised to see that what kind of Google search engine you are using. Though it is Google but it is more of a unique screen that is hard to come across these days.

18. Shadyurl

One of the remarkable websites. On this site you can edit any site and get the shortened version of page. It will then turn the website URL more shady and shabby. One can use this link to send to anyone. And this site can be used without login or sign up.

19. LikeCreeper

With this prank site one can hit the random likes on any old integral post of your friend which your friend has posted long back. This will be even funnier when the post is more than 3 or 4 years old. As the appearance of that friend of yours will be completely different from what it is now

Final Words

The above mentioned are some of the remarkable prank sites and trolls on the web 2k19 one can make use of. It could be used for trolling friends, family or even colleagues if you have any who do try pranking you. So if you do have any other websites on your mind for pranks and trolls we have missed out to mention, so do let us know if you know about. So if you are looking to troll someone these are the funny links to send.


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