Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s Latest Portfolio, Holdings, News – 2018

Started at the age of only 12, Jhunjhunwala is creating a havoc in Indian trade industry since then. A well-experienced share market expert that possesses almost everything that needs to be a perfect stock investor.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, aged 57 is successful equity investor and trader in India. Recently Forbes reported that he is 53rd richest citizen of India, with a net worth of USD 2.8 Billion. He is professionally a Chartered Accountant that practice in his own firm as to manage his own portfolio being a partner in asset management firm. Rakesh along with his wife Rekha Jhunjhunwala owns firm naming “Rare Enterprise”.

Often referred as Indian Warren Buffet, the year 2017 was very good for this stock guru. The one-third of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s portfolio stocks doubled in value, and half of them delivered better returns above two times of the Bombay Stock Exchange’s Sensex. Can you believe that? No, but it’s the fact.

When 30 pack Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex rose to 26%, minimum 20 of his portfolio stocks have gained a rise up to 280%.

Followers or admirer of Rakesh’s success always asks for his strategies or the key to success in stock trading. Here’s the answer to all their questions. The table given below discloses all the information about his investments in stocks with its value. It is updated up till July 2018

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His recent investments

The investments of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in just 10 stocks are worth above ₹9,200 crores which makes him the biggest individual investor at Dalal Street with a net worth of $3.2 Billion. He made investments in stocks of Fortis Healthcare, Prakash Industries,and JP Associates. Companies which are either crippled by this huge debt or regulatory surveillance.

Prakash Industries was mentioned among the 331 suspected shell companies against whom SEBI had started a trading ban. The SAT i.e. Securities Appellate Tribunal then lifted this ban.

Singh Brothers of Fortis Healthcare and Daiichi are locked in litigation over claims of ₹3,500 crore in damages and interest by the latter. JP Associates is still fighting with a huge debt on their balance sheet.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala recently bought a stake in gaming organization Nazara Technologies of ₹180 crore in his first ever bet on Digital Industry.

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Performing Stocks

Between some oddly listed firms, Rakesh Jhunjhunwalarules over 1% stake, Prakash Industries has experienced its shares rise 277%.

Geojit BNP Paribas is another stock in his portfolio. Paribas has delivered an exponential 206% return in 2017. Shares of another share brokerage firm, Edelweiss Securities have risen over 198% and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala owns 1.05% share in this broking firm, which has just acquired their business from Religare Enterprises.

The leading bag maker VIP Industries also giftedJhunjhunwala with 206% return.

Shares of leading watch manufactures and industry leaders Titan Company,which is the crown of the Jhunjhunwala portfolio, have risen 165% last year. Titan has been Jhunjhunwala’s preferred pick. Rakesh and his wife, Rekha Jhunjhunwala holds above 8% stake in Titan together, which was worth over ₹ 6,000crores in last year’s December.

Aptech, ION, Autoline and Escorts are some of the other firms in the portfolio of Jhunjhunwalathat gave over 100% returns in 2017.

Sept Quarter Rejig

In 2017, September quarter shareholding figure showed that Rakesh Jhunjhunwala sequentially cuts his stake at Titan, Aurobindo Pharma, TV18 Broadcast, Jubilant Life Sciences, Federal Bank and JP Associates. Even if they were rising, Jhunjhunwala trimmed his share in Vysya Bank and Prakash Industries.

Rakesh and his wife held over 7 crore shares or fairly 8.06% in Titan at the end of September 2017. 20 basis points lower than their entire holding at the end of June quarter. Jhunjhunwala had 1.12% share in Aurobindo Pharma as of June 30, 2017, which he lowered to 1%, a minimum of the amount any company to name the investor in shareholding data. JP Associates is another firm where he had just above 1%, 1.03% to be precise as of June 30, 2017. Still, his name didn’t show in September 2017’s shareholding data.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Portfolio Holdings

Company %Holding Number of Shares Crore
Adinath Exim Resources 4.05 1.66 0
Anant Raj 2.12 62.5 35
Aptech 41.57 170.56 124
A2Z Maintenance and Engineering 16.7 123.88 16
Aurobindo Pharma 1 30 394
Agro Tech Foods 8.2 20 116
Autoline Industries 10.18 12.51 10
Bilcare 8.15 20.03 10
Federal Bank 1.1 98.5 237
Delta Corp 6.84 155 182
CRISIL 5.67 40 444
Dewan Housing Finance 4 58 237
Edelweiss Capital 100 55
DB Realty 1.03 25 15
Escorts 4.08 50 60
Firstsource Solutions 3.8 250 61
Geojit BNP Paribas Financial 7.88 180 36
Geometric 19.35 122.51 122
Hindustan Oil Exploration Company 1.5 19.61 8
HT Media 15 11
MCX 3.94 20 174
Orient Cement 9
Kesoram Industries 6.83 75 55
Ion Exchange (India) 6.02 8.75 9
Karur Vysya Bank 3.9 47.5 221
Adlabs Entertainment 3.5 2.86
Mcnally Bharat Engineering 3.21 9.98 6
Pipavav Defence and Offshore 1.43 105 48
NCC 11.54 296.08 89
Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd 4.99 38.18 64.91
Lupin 1.76 78.83 737
Jet Airways 1.05 11.95 50.52
Viceroy Hotels 14.64 62.08 12
Radico Khaitan 6.85 11.5
Prakash Industries 8.45 150.02 70
VIP India 6.7 95.8 92
Prime Focus 6.14 113.95 38
SpiceJet 1.92 100 19
TV18 Broadcast 1.34 229.4 56
Prozone Capital Shopping Centres 2.46 37.5 6
Sterling Holiday Resorts 3.47 31.3 78.25
Titan Company 9.05 804.66 1,799
Rallis India 10.34 201.06 472
ICICI Pru Life Insurance 0.8 27
Mandhana Retail Ventures 12.74


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The total value of Rakesh Jhunjhuwala portfolio is 6239 Crores. He holds highest paid stocks in CRISIL (40 lakh shares worth 444 Cr.), Lupin (78.83 lakh shares worth 737 Cr.) and Titan (804.66 Lakh shares worth 1,799 Cr.) and other 41 different shareholdings.

The total value of Rakesh Jhunjhuwala portfolio is 6239 Crores. He holds highest paid stocks in CRISIL (40 lakh shares worth 444 Cr.), Lupin (78.83 lakh shares worth 737 Cr.) and Titan (804.66 Lakh shares worth 1,799 Cr.) and other 41 different shareholdings.

  1.   His RARE Enterprises acquired 11.95 shares in the private airline and he also bought a share of jet Airways @ 1.05% The transaction, shares of Jet Airways surged by 11.28% on the NSE.
  2. He sold 50 Lakh shares of Tata Motors DVR
  3. Shares of Intellect Design Arena (42.3 Lakh shares) Sold at Rs.120 Crore.
  4. His one of the favorite stocks in titan lost its sheen. Titan Q1 net dips 15% to Rs 151cr. Jewellery sale sink by 11%. Titan is down by 5%.
  5. RARE Enterprises purchased 12.50 lakh share in Delta Corp worth Rs.106.54 a piece on 17, Nov 2016
  6. His prediction in 2010 about e-commerce boom went wrong. This shows one cannot be always right.
  7. Rare Enterprise also bought a total of 6.25 lakh shares of Escorts from the open market in August.
  8. He invested about 35 Crores in Next Radio subsidiary of Next Mediaworks.
  9. Shares of Madhana retail venture an exclusive license of manufacturing and selling of Salman Khan’s brand “Being Human” clothes were also purchased by trading tycoon RJ.
  10. He also purchased 7 lakh shares in IT training firm Aptech. He is holding 45.28% of the share of this company.

For complete information follow Rakesh Jhunjhunwala profile on Moneycontrol.com


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