45 Top Richest Man in India List 2024

India is home to a massive number of ultra-rich personalities and families. First and second high number of wealthy people are in China and United States and then comes India which has about 121 from the 2068 rich people mentioned in the global Forbes magazine that rolls out annually.

So in this blog we will be discussing the comprehensive checklist of the ultra-rich personalities in India. Here we will take a look at the India’s richest mans of 2019.

So without any further ado let’s begin with the richest families

1. Mukesh Ambani

Chairperson – Reliance Industries

Present Net Worth – $54.30 Billion

Mukesh Ambani is a name that no one can deny of not knowing as he is the richest business man of India. He is the Managing Director and Chairperson of Reliance which majorly deals in refining Oil, Gas and petrochemicals sectors. Ambani is the owner of Retail sector as well which provides groceries, foods, footwear, lifestyle, apparel, electronic goods, farm implements and lifestyle.

He also is the one who owns the IPL team called Mumbai Indians. He is the eldest son of Dhirubhai Ambani and was born of April 19 1957 Yemen, Aden who had been brought up in Mumbai itself. He is a chemical engineer graduate from ICT Institute of chemical technology. He was a MBA dropout from Stanford University. Among the richest man in India

2. Azim Premji

Founder of Wipro

Present Net Worth – $16 Billion

The second richest person in India. Azim Premji is known as the Czar of the Indian Information Technology sector. He is not just a billionaire, investor, philanthropist and business tycoon, owner of the 3rd largest software organization.

Wipro Limited is an Indian IT business process services and consulting which is based in Bangalore, India. He is an Electrical Engineer graduated from Stanford University, United States of America. He took care of his family business of cooking oil after his father passed by in the year 1966. He currently owns the 72% of Wipro. Stands as one of the top 500 richest person in India.

3. Lakshmi Mittal

Chairperson – ArcelorMittal

Present Net worth – $14 Billion

Lakshmi Mittal is the CEO & chairperson of ArcelorMittal and an Indian steel magnate. Owns Karrick Limited and the owner of the company Park Rangers. Better known as the King of Steel. In the year 2007 he was said to be the richest individual of the European continent. And since the year 2008 he is a self-sustained Goldman Sachs board of directors. Hence falling into the list of top 10 richest person in India.

He also is said to be indulged in some charity program and actively supports the athletic groups of India. Born on June 15, 1950 Rajasthan, Sadulpur to traditional Marwari family. He stays in London and has completed his degree of B.COm in St.Xaviers College based in Calcutta who is known for his massive and unbelievable success in steel market both nationally and internationally.

4. Hinduja Family

Chairperson – Hinduja Group

Present Net worth – $17.7 Billion

Said to be one of the largest foreign company of India. Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja is the first founder which is now administered by the sons Gopichand, Shrichand, Ashok and Prakash Hinduja. Though the company belongs to Indian origin, the headquarters are based in London.

This is the very reason why the Hinduja Group stands as one of the richest companies in England too. Hinduja Group competes and finds themselves among the top 200 richest person in India.

5. Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry

Chairperson – Pallonji Shapoorji Mistry

Current Net worth – $16.2 Billion

An Indian billionaire and a businessman Pallonji Mistry is a huge construction tycoon and the chairperson the Pallonji Shapoorji group. He is better called and known as the Ghost of Bombay house in the Tata Group. Pallonji Shapoorji has an independent ownership of about 19% share stake in Tata Group. Also Shapoorji Pallonji is owned by Pallonji Mistry including Forbes Textile and Eureka Forbes.

He also is a part owner of the Taj Mahal hospitality (hotel). He is the richest Irish person with a net worth of over $16 Billion dollars. Also he is very interested in Horses and proudly owns a stud farm. Therefore Mistry is among the top 100 richest person in India. Despite the fact that he is an Irish Citizen, he has always been a great personality which has led to the growth and development of our country India.

6. Shiv Nadar

Founder Member – HCL

Present Net Worth – $15 Billion

Shiv Nadar is the chairperson and the co-founder member of the HCL who has erected the foundation of Shiv Nadar’s HCL. He is a philanthropist and an industrialist. Shiv Nadar has been known for his generous contributions for the philanthropy of $1 billion. Shiv Nadar has been featuring on the 16 most powerful personalities in India in the India Today magazine.

He completed his degree in Electrical engineering and electronics engineering from Coimbatore. He laid the foundation of HCL in 1976 with a mere investment of Rs 18700 INR. He had been nick named by his friends “Magus” which in Persian means wizard in Persian language.

7. Godrej Family

Originator – Smita Crishna

Present Net worth – $14 Billion

The roots of Godrej Company has its roots back from 1897 in every sector one can think of. The company was originated by Ardeshir and Pirojsha Godrej. At present the business empire is run by grandsons Nadir, Jamsyhd and Adi. Godrej now runs as a winner in majority of the sectors. Third generation heir of Godrej company is Smita Godrej.

8. Dilip Sanghvi

Originator – Sun Pharmacy

Present Net worth – $7.49 Billion

Dilip Sanghvi is the owner and founder of the Pharmaceutical giant Sun Pharmacy which produces and sells pharmacy formulations and ingredients majorly in India and to United States. He laid the foundation of company in Vapi, Gujarat with a very small amount of Rs 10,000 back in 1982. At present Sun Pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest drug companies in India and stands as the fifth biggest on the global scale.

Dilip Sanghvi was born of October 1st 1955 Amreli, Gujarat, He then completed his B.Com from Calcutta university. Schooling and graduation was done from J.J Ajmera High School & Education Society college of Bhawanipur. He is said to be the king of Pharmaceuticals in India.

9. Kumar Managalam Birla

Chairperson – Aditya Birla Group

Present Net Worth – $12 Billion

Kumar Birla is a very famous Indian industrialist who himself is the chairperson and decision maker of the Aditya Birla Group of Companies. He also is the chancellor of BITS (Birla Institute of Tech and science). Also he is the chairperson of IIM Ahmadabad, IIT Delhi. After him taking the control of the company it has seen as expansion from $3.2 Billion in 1995 to $40.9 Billion until 12015.

He is honored with the CEO of the year award by IAA, International Advertising Association. Also he is the one who has been managing the conjoined company after the merging of Vodafone & Idea Limited as the chairperson and is having about 25% of the company stakes. Kumar Birla was born on June 14th 1967 in Calcutta but was brought up in Mumbai. He did his B.com from the college of HR Commerce and Economics and holds a degree from Business School of London and a certification of being a Chartered Accountant from ICAI.

10. Gautam Shantilal Adani

Originator – Gautam Adani

Present Net worth – $10 Billion

A known name as an Indian Billionaire and a full-fledged industrialist. He is the founder and the chairperson of Adani Group. The Adani Group is based in Ahmedabad a conglomerate indulged in development of port operations in India. He also is the president of the Adani foundation which functions to develop India from 4 divisions such as Healthcare, Education, Rural Infrastructure development and Sustainable Livelihood.

The company was found in the year 1988 which was into logistics, energy, resources, aerospace, defense and other major business sectors. He completed his schooling in Seth CN Vidyalaya from Ahmedabad. He was however a dropout from the University of Gujarat.

11. Radhakishan Damani

Originator – DMart

Present Net worth – $10.20 Billion

The founder of DMart is the chairperson of the mega chain of supermarket Radhakishan Damani is owner of DMart. There in total are 91 supermarket stores spread in entire India and is the third largest in the sector.

Radhakishan Damani has the ownership of about 52% stake in the parent company named Avenue Super mart which is a Bright Star Investment and an investment company has a total of 16% ownership. Radhakishan Damani was born in a Marwari family in 1945 in Rajasthan, Bikaner. He was doing his B.Com and left the college in the very first year.

12. Uday Kotak

Originator – Kotak Mahindra Bank

Present Net worth – $10.99 Billion

The founder, Chairperson and Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd Uday Kotak is the richest Indian. The Kotak Mahindra Bank is the third highly valued Bank and has a capitalization in market of INR 1, 60,152 crore. He also is an active member of strategic board which suggests the national rules and regulations firm of Cyril Amar Chand Mangaldas. While on the other hand India Today Magazine had featured him as the 8th highly influential person in India in year 2017.

Being an Ernst and Young World Entrepreneur he successfully managed to become featured as the most reputable personality in 2014. Uday Kotak was born on March 15th 1959 in Mumbai. Born and brought up in a middle class Indian family. He completed his bachelor’s certification from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics and has an MBA degree from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute and was a very intelligent math wizard who topped in B.Com University.

13. Burman Family

Chainman – Dabur Pharmacy Limited

Present Net Worth – $8.5 Billion

This family takes up the responsibility of injecting the addition among each and every Indian family and a preferable memory for every Indian’s childhood. The company took its first breath by the practice in 1880s by Dr. S.K Burman.

His son later went ahead to lay the setup the R&D division which led to the major scale production of medicines in the year 1884. Presently, the company is being run by the Burman’s 5th generation and nevertheless has about 75% stake of company that is co-owned by German company, Fresenius SE.

14. Savitri Jindal

Chairman – Jindal Group

Present Net worth – $8.40 Billion

Savitri Jindal is the chairperson and managing director of Jindal Group which is into power, steel, mining, gas and oil. Jindal group of companies is a prominent production company. She took over the organization after her husband OP Jindal passed away in 2005 who laid the foundation of the Jindal group of companies.

After taking the lead as the chairperson, the income stream of the company was multiplied by 4 times. She is the richest woman of India having a worth of $8.4 Billion and was the richest person ranked at 453rd position in the year 2016. Savitri Jindal has a degree of Diploma in Education. She also is the widow of OP Jindal who is the founder of the Jindal Group.

15. Cyrus Poonawala

Chairperson – Poonawala Group

Current net worth – $12.99 Billion

A self-made businessman, Cyrus Poonawala is a billionaire too. He laid the foundation of Poonawala Group. The family background of Cyrus was indulged in horse rearing and breeding. Nevertheless, he being very fond of medicinal field which pushed him forward to start the stupendous vaccine producing and a company that specializes in biological technology named as Serum Institute of India. He is acknowledged to be the 170th wealthiest man on the earth.

16. Bajaj Family

Chairperson – Bajaj Group

Present Net Worth – $7.7 Billion

The massive Bajaj group has about 37 in house companies and Motor division of Bajaj is ranked 4th largest 2 & 3 wheelers manufacturing company around the globe. The Bajaj Group also is indulged into sectors such as lighting, iron and steel, home appliances, finance, travel & insurance. The company was begun by businessman of Rajasthan who was a Marwari back in 1926.

17. Sunil Mittal

Originator – Airtel Enterprises

Present Net worth – $7.7 Billion

The founder of Bharti Airtel Sunil Mittal has expanded his interests in Insurance, Telecom, Education, Malls, Real Estate, Agro& Food and Hospitality. He is known as the pioneer to Telecom business in order to recognize telecom business which emerged from the push button phones and advanced to the third biggest telecommunication service provider in India.

Bharti Airtel is a byproduct of Bharti Enterprises which is a leading organization in sector of Telecom which is currently operating in African and Asian continent. He was honored with the Padma Bhushan in 2007. And right after turning 18 he began his first venture when he lent 20000 INR from his dad. Sunil Mittal’s father was a Member of Parliament in Ludhiana.

18. Nusli Wadia

Chairperson – Wadia Group

Present Net Worth – $6.9 Billion

The chairman of Wadia Group is involved in aviation, textiles, food processing, media & real estate and media. Prior to this the company used to manufacture docks and ships in the British reign on the other parts of Bombay which now known as Mumbai. Wadia is entitled as one of the most successful, rich and influential personalities of India. Also he is seen as the most powerful personality and a member of Parsi community.

Wadia also is the chairperson of Britannia Industries Limited which is into selling Tiger brands of bread, biscuit and dairy products. Wadia also is the majority stake holder in Bombay Dyeing. He completed his schooling from Cathedral & J.C School and graduation from Florida University. Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the grandfather of Nusli Wadia.

19. Madhukar Parekh

Chairperson – Pidilite Industries

Present Net Worth – $5.9 Billion

The chairperson and the Chief Executive Director of Pidilite Industries, Madhukar Balvantray Parekh’s company is a leading company in manufacturing construction chemicals and adhesives. Dr.Fixit, M-Seal, Fevikwik, Fevicol, Fevistick are all the subsidiaries of Pidilite Company.

Madhukar Balvantray Parekh is not just the chairperson but the Chief Executive Director and the Managing Director of Pidilite Industries. Balvantray Kalyanji Parekh was the founding member of the Pidilite Industries. Balvantray Kalyanji Parekh was back then known as Fevicol Man of India.

19. Vikram Lal

One time CEO – Eicher Motors

Present Net Worth – $4.4 Billion

Vikram Lal is the former CEO and founder of Eicher Motors which produces commercial vehicles and motorcycles. He also is the president of the famous NGO Common Cause popularly known for the noble works which tries to deal with reforming, enforcement and governance of the law. He currently stays in Delhi. He completed his Mechanical Engineering from the German University named Technical University Darmstadt.

20. Vivek Chaand Sehgal

Chairperson – Samvardhana Motherson Group

Present Net Worth – $3.3 Billion

An Indian born Australian billionaire businessman Vivek Chaand Sehgal is the chairman and the co-founder and advertiser of Samvardhana Motherson group which produces automotive parts. He also is the co-founded the SM group along his mother back in 1975 which recently has acquired about 10+ companies in the past decade. Sehgal laid the foundation of Sehgal Cables in 1977.

He is the ninth wealthiest individual in the 2018 list of Forbes Magazine. He attained the citizenship of Australia in 2017. He is popular for giving parties of massive scales when the annual targets are met.

21. Benu gopal Bangur

Chairperson – Shree Cement

Present Net worth

Bangur Business Empire was found in the year 1979. Shree cements is owned by Gopal Bangur which is a prominent producer of cement in our country. He is the director of Khemka Properties Ltd and Chairman of NBI Industrial Finance who is ranked on the 22nd position on the richest people list of India by Forbes.

He holds a 65% ownership in Shree Cements. He also runs a Sanskrit school in order to promote the rich cultural Indian Heritage.

22. Kushal Pal Singh

Late Chairman – DLF Ltd

Present Net worth – $5.4 Billion

The one time chairman and ex CEO of DLF Limited Kushpal Singh is the richest person in India as he ran the biggest commercial real estate developer. It was founded by the father of Kush Pal Singh, Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh had a huge land of about 3000 acres in Gurugram known as the DLF city.

Kushal Pal Singh was born on November 15th 1931 in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He completed his Aeronautical engineering in United Kingdom and was selected to serve the Indian Army by the Selection Board of UK British Officers.

23. Ajay Piramal

Chairperson – Piramal Group

Present Net Worth – $4.6 Billion

He is not just the chairperson of Piramal Group but also Shriram group which does have its roots in the pharmaceuticals. Also a non-executive member of Tata & Sons Ltd. An active member of Trade Board formed by the Commerce ministry. Present chairperson and president of Anant University.

25. Acharya Balkrishna

Chairperson – Patanjali Ayurveda

Present Net Worth – $5 Billion

He is the Managing Director and chairperson of Patanjali Ayurveda. He is a follower of Baba Ramdev who is the prime reason for the mega success of Patanjali as in year these 2 laid the foundation of the company named Divya Pharmacy and is based in Uttrakhand.

26. M.A. Yusuf Ali

Chairperson – Lulu group International

Present Net worth – $4.2 Billion

Mr. Yusuf Ali is the managing director and founder of the Lulu group international as he is the owner of numerous hypermarkets and malls across the globe. After he was done with his studies he moved to UAE and accompanied his uncle in business later decided to start his own company in 1990 and never looked back.

27. Subhash Chandra

Chairperson – Essel Group

Present net worth – $2.5 Billion

He is acclaimed to be the father of Indian Television as believed to become an aspiring self-made successful businessman. And according to the ideology he contributed in many ways. He started Essel as a company which manufactures plastic for packaging. In 1992 with coordination of Star TV he began Zee TV in Hong Kong. This was the time he changed his view any individual would watch television.

28. Pankaj Patel

Chairperson – FICCI, IISER, Zydus Hospitals

Present net worth – $3 Billion

Acclaimed to be the “Man of the year 2003”. He as a person has bagged a lot of reputation. He is the chairperson of FICCI and IISER and member of Finance Committee of IIM Ahmedabad. He is the VP and Gujarat trustee of Cancer society and Research Institute.

29. Sameer Gehlaut

Chairperson – Indiabulls

Present net worth – $2.5 Billion

Along with his friend Rajiv Rattan, Sameer Gehlaut came up with a nonfunctionalstartup based in Delhi. He started by working in an office which had a tin roof with just 2 PCs. They were striving hard to begin a brokerage organization. After they saw some progress they decided to partner a third friend in the company and never stopped seeing progress. Indiabulls today have their mark in majority of the financial sectors, infra and real estate etc.

30. Micky Jagtiani

Chairperson – Landmark Group

Present net worth – $3.4 Billion

Micky Jagtiani was born and brought up in Kuwait is the Dubai based company’s owner and a businessmen of Indian origin. He completed his schooling in Mumbai itself and chose accounting as his profession and headed towards London. He after his brother’s death took over his Bahrain based shop and transformed it into a baby care shop. After the Gulf war broke out he came to Dubai and led the foundation of Landmark Group. It is a MNC retail which deals in products that range from electronics and everything.

31. Pawan Manjul

Chairperson – Hero Motocorp

Preset net worth – $3.3 Billion

Pawan Manjul is the owner and chairperson of the Hero Motocorp and is 61 years old. He overlooked the golden opportunity of taking the family business of cycle manufacturing a step ahead and came in with the designation of MD in the year 1984. He did a collaboration with Honda to transform his cycle company.

32. Harsh Mariwala

Chairperson – Marico

Present net worth – $2.4 Billion

Company Marico was started by Mariwala as a company of consumer goods dealing in beauty and health products. The majority of market ruling companies with respect to hair care products such as Bihar, Vivon and Set Wet were developed by Marico. He is the founding member of Kaya skincare Ltd which has an overall worth of $3.9 Billion and has been listed as the 33rd riches Indian by Forbes Magazine.

33. Ravi Pillai

Chairperson – RP Group

Present net worth – $3.9 Billion

MD Ravi Pillai owns the RP Group which is into oil, gas and construction, hospitality and cement. Said to be the 4th highly influential and powerful individual of Middle East in 2014. He has been recognized and awarded by Padma shri by Government of India and his net worth is said to be nearly $4 billion

34. Kuldip Singh & Gurbachan Singh Dhingra

Chairperson – Berger Paints

Present net worth – $4.3 Billion

Kuldip Singh & Gurbachan Singh Dhingra are 2 brothers who own Berger Paints as it is our country’s second largest color manufacturing company. The company was brought by these brothers from Vijay Mallya. Today the same company has a massive turnover of $660 million dollars.

35. Sudhir & Samir Mehta

Chairperson – Torrent Pharmacy

Present net worth- $3.8 Billion

Samir Mehta and Sudhir Mehta together revamped the complete view of Trinity laboratories to today’s Torrent Pharms. It is present in Brazil, Russia and European countries. It also started generating electricity and as of now it has 2021 MW generation capacity serving 2.8 million customers in various parts of Gujarat. It all together comes to the net worth of $3.8 billion and lets Mehta brothers to sit on top positions of richest personalities of Asia.

36. Kalanithi Maran

Chairperson – Sun Group

Present net worth – $2.9 Billion

Sun Group is owned by Kalanithi which is the owner of multiple media channels as a DTH provider and production houses. He has won the award of Young businessman award from Ernst & Young and CNBC. The Forbes termed him as the “South India king of Television” and he is having a net worth of $2.9 Billion.

37. Anil Agarwal

Chairperson – Vedanta Resources Plc.

Present net worth – $4 Billion

The Vedanta Resources Ltd was the chairperson and founding member as being an international mining and metal company. The headquartered in London, Vedanta as the biggest mining company which belongs to India.

38. B.R. Shetty

Chairperson – NMC Healthcare

Present net worth – $2.7 Billion

A number of companies was begun by Shetty in UAE as he is the chairperson of UAE Exchange and NMC Healthcare. On the other hand is a chairperson of Finablr and BRS Ventures. Has been honored with the Padma Shri from Indian President.

39. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

Chairperson – Biocon Limited

Present net worth – $3 Billion

The chairman and MD of Biocon Ltd, Kiran has some projects involved in the extraction of isinglass papain. He is the chairman of IIM Bangalore where he also has been listed in Forbes as richest and influential person in 2016-17. Famous for the generous contribution to chemistry and science progress.

40. Hasmukh Chudgar

Chairperson – Intas Pharmaceuticals

Current net worth – $3.5 Billion

Chudgar is having a net worth of $3.5 billion and is said to be at the 790th position as global rich personalities. He is the founder of Intas Pharmaceuticals which is a generics in 1977. Intas has overtaken the Teva Pharmaceuticals in October 2016 for $750 USD.

41. Kapil & Rahul Bhatia

Chairperson – Indigo

Present net worth – $5 Billion

The cofounder and non-executive director of Airline Indigo and a Group MD of IG enterprises is a company held by private group. By making tremendous growth in all of the companies altogether making a whopping net worth of $5 Billion.

42. Rajendra Agarwal

Chairperson – MacLeod’s Pharmaceuticals

Present net worth – $3.5 Billion

The family of Rajendra Agarwal owns a pharmacy in Jaipur, Rajasthan. In the later years of 1986 they formed the company MacLeod’sPharmaceuticals which manufactured Anti-TB. It is ranked among the Top 10 Indian Pharmacy companies.

43. Vinod & Anil Ray Gupta

Chairperson – Havel’s

Present net worth – $2.8 Billion

The Havel’s company is run by Anil Raywho’s the son of Vinod Gupta. All together they have about 60% stake in Havel’s. The company is into manufacturing all electrical equipment’s. The company has presence in 40 countries and 12 manufacturing units across the globe.

44. Ashwin Dani

Chairperson – Asian Paints Ltd.

Present net worth – $3.8 Billion

He is an Indian businessman and a non-executive VP of India’s biggest paint organization. The full name of the MD is Ashwin Suryakant Dani and has won the award of achievement in name of Color Society Lifetime in 2012.

45. Karsanbhai Patel

Chairperson – Nirma Group

Current net worth – $4.8 Billion

MD and founder of the Nirma company which manufacturer’s detergents, soaps and most recently began making cosmetics too. The yearly income of Nirma is INR 2500 crore. Has been awarded with outstanding industrialist in 1980 and was honored by the awards such as Udyog Ratna Award.


We may find it very interesting to read about the richest people in India. But however one must remember it was not an overnight success, but took decades of hard work, dedication and patience to reach to the epitome of success.


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