8 Social Media Marketing Tips Every Business Owner Needs To Know


The rise in popularity of social media explains why there is an impending yet competitive need for businesses and personal brands alike to actively be on social media.

Social media marketing tips

Among other advantages of social media, your business can swiftly deliver the task of marketing just by social media.

One thing that often gets overlooked in all of the operational details of a business is a more general approach to social media for businesses and entrepreneurs, to embrace it for digital marketing.

With techniques like sharedcount, it is no longer an option for business owners to claim evaluation of marketing efforts as a reason they are not using social media.

Presuming you are already in a couple of suitable social media platforms, here are 8 social media tips that will help your brand effectively handle marketing on social media:

Have a social media marketing plan

A rule of thumb, one often overlooked, is that you should always have a social media marketing plan for your business before executing, similarly to the way you do everything else in the world of business.

This plan should guide help you retain consistency and flow in content generation, allowing you to also be expandable with audience engagement.

Create a comprehensive plan that also mentions the specifics of timelines, platforms to be on, response strategy and content formats and voice.

Be on the right social media platforms for the specific marketing campaign

There are so many social media platforms online, some of which are irrelevant to your brand or even your target audience. Evaluate the different platform keenly with clear marketing goals.

If you are marketing female products, for example, analyze the statistics of platforms like Pinterest which has a higher number of female users than men.

Be sure to focus your efforts on a select network, instead of being everywhere at once and trying everything, which only gives you average results.

Do an audit on social media

While you might have been on social media long enough, you might not be as visible as you would have loved to be, which is the main reason you do an audit.

Check to see the mentions of your brand in different communities, forums and, even different users. You can even search your business or brand on the social media platforms, and see how easily identifiable you are.

Engage your audience

This tip is what makes the difference between successful brands and those are aren’t, on social media. For the nature of social media is relational, high involvement with the audience will give you more positive results than not.

Your audience needs to know you are human and you care about their needs and opinions. Allow them to critic your brand or posts, and be timely in responsiveness, keeping it as proficient as possible, to avoid instances of hate or silly fights on social media.

To achieve ultimate engagement with your audience, be proactive and always listen to their input.

Develop intriguing messages

Among the top key aspects in social media marketing mastery, is to get the most out of your content.

Social media is one place that demands quality content that achieves entertainment, information or persuasion need. As you create marketing messages, ensure they are in easily shareable formats that most people can not only see, but also share.

Capitalize on intriguing features of communication like visual appeal, provoking emotions, asking questions to pick up conversations, among others. As an example, video marketing is one of the most talked about topics on social media right now, which means creating marketing messages in form of videos can also do your brand a great service.

Note: Crafting content unique to each platform is critical.

Communicate with a targeted audience

It is common to hope that you can reach out to many people at a time. However, social media marketing requires high specialization in matters audience, so that, not everyone on social media would be interested in your brand or the type of content you share.

Make sure you structure your messages as though you are speaking to a specific group of people, which also makes your messages more personal.

Unless you have hired a team to run your social ads for your social account or you are testing out in the marketing yourself by investing a lot, you could end up wasting a lot of money on paid advertising if you do not work on communicating with a targeted audience.

Be authentic

Social media is nothing without its users, which means you have to comply with the needs and interests of the users. As you create your messages, stay authentic so that your messages are genuine and personal.

Avoid automated responses that keep a distance between your brand and your audience. Put a face to your brand by showing your personality so that you aren’t just a brand robot pushing out content to people.

Be consistent and committed on social media

Like any other form of marketing, social media for businesses can be a real challenge, but this more because of the amount of pressure and expectation build-up on these platforms.

Understandably, it is hard to grow an audience, create great content, and increase engagement, which sees many businesses give up on social media just a few months into it.

Like with business growth, social media takes time before you can yield substantial results, all of which are dependent on your commitment and consistency.

Create as much content as possible, but more importantly, focus on ways to remain active even without posting content, for example sharing other people’s content that is relevant and complementary to your brand.

Largely, social media can be impactful to your business, of course, with the right approaches, as well as patience, passion, and tenacity to grow over time. Apply these social media marketing tips to your social media strategy and get a firm grip on your audience.