Make stickers the next promo tool for your startup


Stickers are a fantastic promotional tool: they’re fun, they stand out, and they’re an inexpensive handout that can mean big business. Getting high quality laptop stickers of your businesses logo or motto is not only easy to do online, but also affordable. There are many different ways to use decals to promote your business, but it’s very evident that they provide a lot of marketing value.

stickers on laptop

Decorative Stickers

It may seem obvious but one major quality of stickers are their decorative qualities. This is obviously because they stick – anywhere! However, decoration itself can lend to tons of promotional opportunities. How many times have you been to a cafe and seen someone’s laptop plastered in stickers? Stickers have been popping up on personal computers, notebooks, and luggage for decades, but with the current onslaught of brand loyalty across markets it’s important to make sure your promo is mobile. A terrific way to achieve this is of course with branded stickers. Making sure your sticker is plastered over personal goods or in public areas. This is a simple way for your small business to get recognized and reached out to.

Functional Stickers

Branded stickers of logos are terrific, but they can also serve a practical function. They’re terrific as handouts on the street or as trade shows, but getting decals that serve a purpose is an effective way to get your brand recognized. Branded stickers can be made to replace the ones that come on plastic water bottles, which is an effective way to get the attention of clients at trade shows or in your business space. Stickers of calendars are also a useful tool because it means clients will be reminded of your business every time they need to check a date. Ensuring your sticker serves a function is also a tool that will suggest to clients how innovative your business is as a whole.

Branding Stickers

Once your business has an effective logo or motto, getting custom logo stickers are a great way to concentrate your space, your clientele, and your employees. High quality stickers are a fantastic way to decorate office supplies, from mugs to stationary, and also a great handout for visitors. Having your business space utilize your logo in many facets lets everyone know how you value not only professionalism but the relationships you plan on building with your small business as well. Using stickers as a promotional tool shows that you have faith in brand which instills trust in clients and employees, and can ultimately lead to success.