4 Best Advice from Successful Women That Could Give You a Right Direction

best advice from successful women

Between Anjali Bansal’s robust love, Chetna Gala Sinha’s sage-like knowledge and NehaMotwani’s candidness, entrepreneurial, and more significantly, life-lessons abounded at the primary edition of the ASCENT women BizMakers conference held at Mumbai’s St. Regis on International Women’s Day last week. From these Success stories of indian entrepreneurs you can relate.

Hosted by the ASCENT Foundation to make “trust groups” for entrepreneurs who are typically on the lonely journey of beginning and scaling up – the gala invited numerous distinguished opinion leaders of the entrepreneurial system with perceptibly diverse experiences to impart their learning congregate over very illustrious careers. From among the most stirring talks that dotted the evening, we have curated the 4 best advice from successful women that will guide you through the beautiful journey of your life.

4 best advice from successful women

  1. Look out for chances

NehaMotwani, founder,and CEO of Fitternity said that“It was serendipity. I needed to continue my fitness journey but realized it had been tough to do so if I didn’t want to go to a gym or hire a trainer. I figured, why is there no Burrp or Zomato for fitness – why couldn’t there be a marketplace for fitness? This gap existed, but with the number of startups and innovations arising within the market, I realized, it had been now or never, and seized the chance.”

  1. Practicality

Neha adds, “When I was considering turning this eureka moment into a business – I asked myself, is this an earth-shattering problem? Whereas I might be neurotic in terms of the worth of this idea and my capabilities, I can’t be delusional regarding the market. Therefore I met 700 folks on my six-month sabbatical – LinkedIn, to Facebook messaging to events to focus teams, and ensured that there was an actual pressing want for this service before I took my plunge.”

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  1. Customers

Chetna Gala Sinha, Founder and Chair of Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank and Mann Deshi Foundation said, “Have the flexibleness in your product so you’ll be able to accommodate the needs of the ladies – after you design the processes, it’s so vital however you’re planning them to suit the wants of your customers. That was such a learning to me and my team – threshold banking, disposition, and compensation, in an approach that it seamlessly fits into the format they were already used to.”

  1. Think Big

Anjali Bansal said, “Successful firms don’t get engineered inadvertently. You have to make processes that work and processes that scale. Once Ameera Shahexperienced10 million to one billion customers, there was a time when she used to say, “Old processes don’t work – I have to reinvent to scale. It’s not rocket science– I’m not even talking about the big difference in information yet. Merely your finance processes, accounting processes, your internal audits. You would like to stay your books meticulously. F&A, data, MIS, to support your decision making.”

Although we are seeing a impale in the range of women leaders, we still want more women entrepreneurs at the helm of their businesses, and during this Endeavour, ASCENT Foundation is committed to play a crucial role.