5 Effective Ways to Get More Email List Subscribers


5 Effective Ways to Get More Email List Subscribers

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies in Digital Marketing. In email marketing, you use email lists, which is a collection of email addresses of people you gathered from personally, and your blog, newsletter or website subscribers. Getting more email list subscribers is important because it increases the number of potential buyers who could later become shoppers.

It is, therefore, vital to building an email list that is successful in ensuring that customers are always engaged. A successful email list database is healthy, and it always brings your e-commerce fortune. To have a successful email list;

  • Get an email marketing service provider
  • Always approach the people aware of your business – keep the list healthy.
  • Avoid by any chance to buy an email list

Ways to Get More Email List Subscribers

1. Have a standard opt-in form on your site

Opt-in forms are important and having a standard opt-in form on your site builds your email list. You will find that most Shopify sites, for example, generally at the middle or bottom of the screen have enabled the opt-in form. But if you have another signup form available, you can opt to disable it. It is also important to have a sticky signup form at the side or bottom of your screen in your website design. This will replace the opt-in form that is specific.

2. Have a targeted landing page

You should focus on specific funnels when you run your advertisement and marketing campaigns. Emails lists can also be built outside of the home page by directing your potential subscribers to a landing page rather than the homepage. Landing pages have fewer elements than the home page. Since the landing page focuses on one product, its customer conversion is high. When a customer wants to get a product on offer on the landing page, they must sign up first to get the said product. Your email list is therefore increased.

3. Giveaways on media channels

Another tactic that you should consider is utilizing the powerful social media platforms, especially those that are favourite to your audience. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, for instance, have adverts with reasonable costs. The essential part is making sure that the giveaway prize aims at the audience that you target. To get qualified leads, make sure that the entrants of the giveaway are specific.

4. Referral programs

You can grow your email list subscribers by using referral programs. You can use the current subscribers that you already have and get more subscribers that are your targets (subscribers you want to have). Many industries such as Hotmail, PayPal, Uber and Dropbox have used this tactic and have become leaders in their respective industry fields. In referral programs, you kind of ‘bribe’ your subscribers who then share your services or offers with their family, friends and workmates.

You can also get free referrals by adding options of share or forward your PDFs or cheat sheets. Nevertheless giving out tokens and discounts is more enticing.

5. Gamification

Sometimes the sale discounts are not enough and therefore attracting the customers through engaging them comes in. Thinking outside the box is sometimes very essential. Some visitors want fun and having an interactive signup form will work in this case. Using such examples as the Wheel of Fortune where the visitors sign up before spinning a wheel to win a prize will build your email list subscribers.


Having a healthy email list that is of good quality will increase your email subscribers, which leads further to increased sales. List building is all about increasing your email list subscribers and later convert them to customers.  This boosts your sales funnel.