Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Portfolio Holdings

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s Latest Portfolio, Holdings, News – 2018

  Started at the age of only 12, Jhunjhunwala is creating a havoc in Indian trade industry since then. A well-experienced share market expert that...
Fena he Lena

User orders smartphone from amazon and gets detergent bar instead

Amazon Users claimed on Facebook that he has ordered a One Plus 5 smartphone from Amazon India but the received Fena detergent bars instead of the OnePlus 5.
startup idea already exists

How do you find out if your startup idea already exist?

Every startup is create the business ideas first to start their startup but how do you know that your startup ideas existed or use by other company..
investment to start a chemist shop

What is the minimum investment to start a chemist shop?

Here is the answer to your question so click to know what are the minimum investment to start a chemist shop and other expenses.
First day of leave

Mumbai Startup introduces First Day of Period Leave For Women Staff

At the First Day of Period women started to have mood swings, weird pains and cramps.By seeing this situation Culture Machine has introduced new policy.
Gabby Epstein

Instagram model earns more money from single post than four days of shoot

Don't believe this? Instagram model herself confessed it in an interview.the said model is followed by more than 1.2 million people on Instagram and earn..
Secret Successful Start-up

The Secret to a Successful Start-up

You know you can make it work, and quite possibly make a great deal of money with your start-up, and you want nothing more than to start ordering..
Designing an Office

The Basics of Designing an Office for your Startup

One of the most challenging and exciting parts of building a startup is designing an office. Nonetheless.
Raising funds for a Startup in India

Raising funds for a Startup in India

Startups are the major form of entrepreneurship that has taken over the sector of businesses. It has become a gateway to setting up new businesses
stickers on laptop

Make stickers the next promo tool for your startup

Stickers are a fantastic promotional tool: they’re fun, they stand out, and they’re an inexpensive handout that can mean big business..