CCell Silo Vs. Palm: Which is Right for Me?


CCell Silo Vs. Palm

The vaping experience is best when you have the right equipment to suit your needs. If you prefer CCell cartridges, you may be wondering whether the CCell Palm or Silo is the better battery choice. This guide should help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

CCell Palm

The CCell Palm is a 550 mAh battery for use with CCell vape cartridges. It features a long but flat design that fits comfortably in any pocket. The battery does a great job and can easily be used throughout the day. Additionally, the airflow is consistently good. Along with the Silo, it is certainly a top choice for use with CCell cartridges.

CCell Silo

The CCell Silo is a similar battery which is also compatible with CCell vape cartridges. It features a slightly smaller 500 mAh battery. Additionally, it has a more rounded but shorter design. This makes it feel more comfortable to hold for some people. However, it is more conspicuous in a pocket. In terms of performance, the Silo is quite similar to the Palm and it a great choice for the popular CCell cartridges.

Which Should You Choose?

The choice of CCell Silo vs Palm mostly comes down to design. While the palm has a slightly higher battery capacity, the difference isn’t so significant that it will have much real-world impact. However, the flat design of the Palm is much better for carrying in a pocket. Conversely, the Silo has a better hand feel for many people.

You can’t go wrong with either choice. It is primarily a matter of personal preference. Of course, if you can’t decide, you can always opt for our bundle pack that includes both.

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