Get your comfortable couch from “Create Your Couch” today


Moving to new space is very difficult task. People can face problems in electrical fittings, plumbing and other facilities they are provided with. Today rented places are available with needful furniture but it is not of your choice obviously.

Create Your Couch

And it very hard to go shop to shop to select comfortable sofa set for oneself that also at cheaper prices at the same time. Altogether it is task which is next to impossible. To solve such problems, a startup comes up namely “Create Your Couch”.

The application “Create Your Couch” is customized to provide customer furniture of their choices and comfort at their prices while seating at home.

The founder is practicing in job where they furnish houses from last five years. Therefore, felt the need to develop this application where people could create furniture of their choices. Hence, the journey of “Create Your Couch” journey has began.

The vary startup provides a platform to its clients where they can customize the furniture of their choice i.e. fabric, design and pattern for their comfort. It is totally fictional to think of app that provides you the opportunity to customize your own furniture as it may require a lot research and resources.

Company Visions to transform most important part of houses i.e. furniture as per consumers need and not what is available to them in the market, said Mr. Thomas, founder of create your couch.

Some people don’t believe in online shopping as there is perception that you don’t get what you see on screen in reality. There is no need to worry, company is ensuring its customers that if the end product is not delivered properly and cut from corners or upside down. They will get free replacement on companies cost.

Company USP is to set up the houses and not to sell their product. They say that the experience of our product start with customers interaction on website but not end till the time they end setting up their houses.

The company is planning to grow in three aspects- Increase in portfolio of products, new product line and more fabrics.