Essay about Starting Up a Business


Essay about Starting Up a Business

Many school graduates aim at business schools, colleges, and universities. The business industry promises bright perspectives and if one is smart and lucky, he/she can reach a lot. All students of business institutions ought to write different essays on business. Read the following essay sample provided by an academic expert from Custom Writings – academic writing company.

How to Start a Business Properly

“Many people associate their bright future with different spheres of business. There are many possibilities to develop and they try their luck in various directions. They may achieve great success and earn sufficient income. What is needed for that? It’s hard to name all the factors but some of them should be obligatorily mentioned. This essay will comment on the most important steps that help to start a business successfully.

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First of all, you need a plain idea. Make in-depth research and define what is currently trending on the market. There are many ideas[1] to choose from. You can invest in technology. The main point of in-depth research is to identify the most sought-after products and services. Learn what other people currently need and offer it to them in the best manner.

And then secondly to write up a business plan. It should include the main goals and positions of your business. Thus, it should contain a business plan, marketing strategy, advertisement campaign, all expenses, possible impediments, and possible solutions. The list is actually long but these keys provide the necessary comprehension. Make sure you have taken into account all the probabilities.

You should objectively assess your finances. Many beginners fail from the start because they do not know how much the whole process of business launching costs. Another common problem is that they pay for unnecessary things. Many startups led by inexperienced entrepreneurs tend to spend on things they don’t really need.[2] As a result, the whole affair comes to ruin. Accordingly, your business plan must include only the required things and know their cost. Make sure your budget will be sufficient for the whole affair.

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Any business should have a legal structure. You must register your business in accordance with the government and state regulations. Commonly, you will require the following documents and agreements:

  • Incorporate agreement.
  • Employment agreement for your workers.
  • Federal and state tax ID.
  • Licenses for the type of your business.
  • A bank account.
  • Trademarks.
  • Copyrights or patents.
  • All kinds of insurance.

Don’t forget to select the name. Mind that you may require some other documents. Everything depends on the laws that act in your location.

Another crucial point is to build your team. You need devoted workers who will help to fulfill different tasks. Of course, if your business is small and you simply have a store that sells food for cats and dogs, you will probably cope with everything on your own. However, a big enterprise has bigger needs. You will require helpers who will take care of supplying, partners, experts in public relations, manager of human resources and so on. Everything depends on the type and size of your enterprise. Choose your workers carefully. They should pass interviews, offer some recommendations, and certificates. After you accept any worker, help him/her to adapt to your conditions. Provide training courses. This matter is crucial. You won’t win without competent staff. Interview, check and train your workers to get your team ready.[4]

You should also choose vendors and find partners. You and your team will hardly cope with all the tasks and problems you’ll face. You need support from other people and companies. Look for partners who already have some success in the industry. They may not even sell the same services and products. Nonetheless, they may have similar interests.

While you choose potential vendors, ask them about their achievements in the industry. Try to find vendors with the necessary experience, which is successful. Verify their certificates and try to find details on their story of success. Get in touch with their previous clients and ask them for the feedback and honest rating. The same goes for suppliers. Find trustworthy suppliers and negotiate on fair conditions.

It’s necessary to acknowledge everyone about your business. You should plan an effective advertising strategy. Try to use all possible methods to make your existence noticeable. Giving flyers will not be enough. Your partners may greatly help you. Ask them to advertise and recommend your enterprise to other parties. Use the power of the Internet. It’s probably the fastest way to promote a business. Accordingly, you’ll definitely need a website. Hire competent IT experts to create an adequate and appealing website. They will take care of the software, security, menu, images, color pallet and similar things.

Don’t forget about social media. A lot of people don’t read newspapers. They look for the necessary products and services on the Internet. Create your pages and profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other resources. Join communities with similar interests, collaborate and help to promote one another.

It’s not that easy to initiate and grow your business. An entrepreneur has to take into account a lot of basic and specific issues. When all of them are known and completed properly, one can count on success. The guidelines mentioned in the paper are your clues to a successful start. However, everything depends on the methods you’re going to use to achieve it.”