Friendly Office Environment Intro

Friendly Office Environment Intro

Working in a warm, welcoming, and stimulating, yet somewhat light-hearted environment is the typical employee’s dream, but it should be more than that – it should also be the typical employer’s dream. Because when people who work for you get the best form their office environment and workplace, they will work harder to meet your expectations and goals.

This theory actually is supported by many facts on different levels. You’d be surprised to find out how some seemingly insignificant, little details can translate into important, tangible results.

For example, just a few, homely additions to an office to make it less minimalistic and more vibrant and welcoming can make employees 15% more productive. This has to be the easiest investment employer could ever make.

But not all improvements to the office space and work environment are as seemingly unrelated to productivity as plants or paintings. There are those little, human gestures that make all the difference and should probably go without saying, yet many employees disregard them as mere displays of softness which would undermine their authority. But the lack of simple recognition of good work and efforts can often be the “de” in front of “motivation”. Just because someone is on a payroll doesn’t mean he/she is compensated for every, single thing the job requires, in fact, only 41% of employees believe their job description aligns with what they actually do.

As you can see, a better office space can mean a myriad of different things, and while some are common sense, others affect productivity and motivation is far more covert ways and could easily elude busy employers. Here’s an infographic with invaluable ideas for improving the office environment, supported by actual facts.

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Anatomy of a Happy, Productive Office