10 Best Online Mobile Recharge Sites


online recharge sites

There is proliferation of several online recharge sites in the market today. Before talking about these mobile recharge sites, first get into the reasons for the penetration of these top recharge sites. Do you know that India is ranked on second number in terms of number of mobile phones in use? The percentage of smart phone users has register surged from 21.2% in 2014 to 39% in 2019. It is also ranked second in terms of number of internet users. Through surveys and internet subscription data, these estimates have been derived. This increasing trend will continue grows upswing in the times to come.

Massive proliferation of smart phones users and internet usage is attributed to easy accessibility, cheap smart phones, affordable internet services and sound network connectivity. Just to give perspective, look at the demographic division of smart phone and internet usage users. These services are profusely used by young generation, working men and women have predilection for internet surfing and social networking, middle and old age men are also disposed toward internet browsing and social networking, non-working women spend most of their time in chatting and entertainment channels, children have also formed a decent group of internet users.

This section of population has raised the demand for online recharge sites.

Why these mobile recharge sites list is increasing when the giant telecommunications companies like Vodafone, Idea, Airtel are provide online recharge from their official websites. This is because these top recharge sites are giving discounts, cash back offers and offer coupons which is not the case if we get it recharge from Telco. All this data is sufficient enough to get along with the reason for massive propelling of mobile network sites that we have today.

Now, we are going to present top 10 mobile recharge sites list that enjoys huge market share.

1. Paytm

One of the topmost leading e-commerce payment platform and digital wallet company with approximately 68% market share.

It was founded in 2010. The popularity of Paytm is attributed to various services that it caters to its customers. Apart from being a top online recharge sites, it allows you to make electricity bills, water bills or other utility bill payments, lets you book travel booking, movie tickets booking, events booking. The most popular service of Paytm is that lets you make instant payments in restaurants, cafes, grocery store, parking, markets, departmental stores, book stores, etc. with its Paytm Quick Response Code. It services are no offered by various transportation modes like it accepted by Taxi drivers, Ola, Uber, Jugnu Auto services. Money is easily and quickly shared among friends and family. It acted as a catalyst in making cashless economic transactions. Also it is user-friendly service given its availability in 11 Indian languages meeting requirements of diverse population.

2. FreeCharge

Transformation from a niche digital marketplace into making a place among top leading online recharge sites is highly commendable. FreeCharge Company aims at offering cashless transactions. FreeCharge makes daily-life much easier. It is a mobile recharge sites allowing prepaid and postpaid mobile recharge service. It lets you pay utility bills, metro cards, etc. It also lets you invest in mutual and can get credit via FreeCharge EMI. What makes it even more attract is it’s discount coupons of giant fast food outlets. It has around 11.4% of the market share.

3. Airtel Money

Airtel Money features among top mobile recharge sites list. It is a digital wallet. Aligning with the aim of Government of India to make a completely cashless economy, a digital platform was launched called Airtel Money. It is among top online recharge sites. You can pay your utility bills, get your mobile recharged, metro cards refilled, can do shopping online, etc. This is quite easy to use, all that you need to open is to give your basic details and get you KYC done. It gives many attractive discounts and offers. A minimum KYC allow a limit of Rs 10,000 and full KYC wallet allows a limit of 1 lakh.

4. MobiKwik

MobiKwik falls under the category of top online recharge site list. It is a digital payment mechanism. On this payment platform, you maintain a digital wallet. This means that you can fill your digital wallet by connecting it with a bank account for the transfer of money. It makes payment easier as payment can be made through internet banking, credit card or debit card. The services provided by MobiKwik include mobile recharge, landline payments, DTH recharges, money transfer, online payments, shop online, etc. It makes travel transactions easier. Uber drivers use MobiKwik to process its payments.

5. Fastrecharge

Fastrecharge is the trailblazer of online recharge sites that came into being in 2007. They are serving millions of people. It offers recharge for all the major Telco operators like Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, BSNL, Aircel, Reliance, MTS, MTNL, Tata, etc. Fastrecharge is completely secured online payment form with SSL technology. It lets you make mobile recharge payment both postpaid and prepaid, utility bills payment, etc. Reward points make the platform attractive. Save while you make your payments.


Shirk away your daily obligations with just a click. You can make payment in just few simple steps. Just recharge It is among top most mobile recharge sites that lets you make instant mobile payments. All that you need to do is to enter the recharge details and make payment and get free coupons. It also has DTH recharge and Data recharge service. You can make payment from any source internet banking, debit card, credit card, VISA, MasterCard.

7. Oneindia Recharge

oneindia recharge is a leading mobile recharge sites. It makes the transactions easy and instant. It is highly secured payment platform. In case of transaction failure, it immediately get your money back into your wallet. It offers limited but quality service in making mobile refilling payments, DTH bills and Data card payments. This online recharge site offer discounts and free coupons.

8. Easy Mobile Recharge

Easy Mobile Recharge shares a decent sizeable market share as among the top recharge sites. It provides prepaid services for all the major telecoms operators. It is reliable, secured, efficient and user friendly.

9. ez Recharge

ez Recharge mobile recharge sites has offload the burden of people. Anything that saves time and energy is need of the hour. Ez offers online prepaid recharge, DTH recharge, Data card recharge. These recharge sites allows 24/7 services.

10. Payworld

Payworld is a leading mobile recharge sites. Payworld enjoys the trust of millions. Payworld offer mobile recharge services, payments and money transfers. It has made life much more easier with its anytime, anywhere service.