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Accounting and related fields are really important these days. A lot of people are into this field of accounting and into the related fields. There are different needs of different people and different reasons of different people in accounting and related fields. But this thing we are going to discuss is really important in these Accounting and related fields. It is tally erp 9. So take out some time and read this article in detail to go through tally shortcut key for different purposes of yours.

Are you using tally erp 9 for your any kind of business? If the answer is yes then there is need to basic knowledge about all the tally shortcut keys to get the all important leverage while using tally. The most important thing here is that there are a lot of people who use tally erp 9 for different purposes but there are only few who know about all the tally erp 9 shortcut keys.

So the problem lies here. But there is no need to worry even if you are a novice or new to tally erp 9 as we are going to go through all the important tally shortcut key for your good. So just stay with us and get knowledge of all the most significant tally shortcuts which can help you in a great deal.

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Keyboard shortcut

To activate some kind of function, keyboard shortcut is used all the time which is a set of one or more key without any kind of use of mouse. The most important thing here is that in the tally erp 9 there are kind of Shortcuts for almost all the functions.

So for faster data entry, easy navigation, easy view reporting, easy printing, export import of data, you can use tally software without touching mouse.

Shortcuts are easy to recognise in tally

The big advantage or perk we can say here is that the tally shortcuts are organized in a great way in tally erp 9.

Tally has three types of shortcuts. These are the following.

  • The shortcut with a single underline
  • The shortcut with double underline
  • Shortcut with no underline

These have specific meanings. Like when there is single line on the shortcut, ALT is the additional key used with the key displayed. For instance, ALT+F1 is the shortcut of inventory voucher.

When there is double line on the shortcut, CTRL is the additional key used with the key displayed in the screen. For example, CTRL+F2 is the shortcut key for Order Voucher.

With no line means only the displayed key is the shortcut key of that function. For example F2 is the key for date.

Hot key in tally

These are the most important and useful shortcut keys in tally for menu navigation. These are used by people in tally to reach GST report menu a lot of times during letters in bold red color.

Different shorcut keys

There are a lot of different shortcut keys. These are divided into different categories.

  • Voucher shortcut keys

Firsty there are voucher shortcut keys. These are the shortcuts related to accessing voucher type got entering transcations. This include payment voucher, receipt voucher, purchase voucher, sales voucher.

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Some shortcut keys under this are as follows.

F1 is used to open Accounting voucher menu, Gateway of Tally>Inventory Voucher.

ALT+F1 is used to open inventory voucher entry menu, Gateway of Tally> Inventory Menu.

CTRL+F1 is used to open payroll VoucherMenu, Gateway of Tally> Payroll Voucher

CTRL+F2 is used to open order voucher, Gateway of Tally> Order Voucher.

Then comes the ACCOUNTING VOUCHER SHORTCUT KEYS under the Voucher shortcut keys.

CTRL+F10 is used to open memorandum Voucher.

CTRL+F9 is used to open Debit Note Voucher.

CTRL+F8 is used to open Credit Note voucher.

F10 is used to open Reversing journal Voucher.

F9 to open purchase Voucher.

F8 is used to open the sales Voucher.

F7 is used to open Journal Voucher.

F6 is used to open Receipt Voucher.

F5 for entering Payment Voucher.

To open contra voucher F4 key is used in tally erp 9.

Order Voucher Shortcuts

ALT+F4 for opening the purchase Order voucher type.

ALT+F5 to open the sales order voucher.

ALT+J is used for opening the job work out order.

ALT+W used to open Job work in order.

Under inventory voucher shortcuts there are following.

CTRL+W is used to open the new Voucher type Material in.

ALT+F6 to access Rejection outvoucher.

CTRL+F6 to access Rejection in voucher.

ALT+F7 to open stock journal voucher.

ALT+F8 to open delivery Note voucher type.

ALT+F9 to open the receipt Note voucher type.

ALT+F10 to open the Physical Stock Voucher type.

  • Shortcut key for Voucher entry

These shortcut keys which we are going to discuss are really crucial for a data entry operator of tally. By using this a data entry operator of tally can speed up voucher entry easily and in a great way. Under these Shortcuts we have got the leverage of duplicating an entry insert a Voucher in between lines of report, creating ledgers, Stock item, units, groups during voucher entry, basic operations like canceling and deleting of vouchers etc.

Following are the most important shortcut keys under this.

ESC is used to remove what you typed into the field.

ALT+D is used to delete a master.

If you want to go to calculator from any amount field in any voucher entry screen then this ALT+C shortcut key is used.

ALT+X to cancel a voucher in Day Book/ list of vouchers.

CTRL+V to toggle between invoice and voucher mode.

CTRL+A is used to accept a form. This is also a kind if quick save option.

ALT+V is used to bring stock journal from invoice screen.

ALT+I is used to insert a voucher.

If you want to add a Voucher just after the cursor is placed in a list of vouchers then the ALT+A shortcut key is used.

ALT+I is used to toggle between the item and accounting invoice.

ALT+2 is used to duplicate a voucher.

For deleting a voucher, ALT+D is used as a shortcut key.

CTRL+L to Mark a voucher as optional.

CTRL+ENTER is used to alter a master while making an entry or viewing a report.

ALT+C to create a Master at a voucher entry screen.

ALT+S to view Stock query report.

These are the most important shortcut keys used for Voucher entry.

  • Shortcut keys which are company specific

Now next comes the turn of company specific shortcut keys. These are also used a lot of times for routine purposes by the people who are using tally erp 9. These company specific shortcut keys are used for performing basic operations like opening and shutting and all. Moreover these are used for period changing, rewriting of company data and other functions.

Simply these company specific shortcut keys are for faster data entry in tally which is a basic and exigent purpose of everyone who is using tally erp 9.

So following are important company specific shortcut keys.

F3 shortcut key is used to change existing company while you are working with tally.

F3 is also used to select company statutory and taxation features, when the other statutory features like TDS, GST TCS are activated.

For selecting company inventory features shortcut key F2 is used which is present at the F 11 features screen.

To change the current date as well F2 is used all the time.

The usage of F11 shortcut key involves featuring screen, for accessing accounts, inventory, statutory and taxation, TSS and addon features.

For selecting accounting features, shortcut key F 1 is used which is available at F11 features screen.

For selection of company already created, configuration is done by using the shortcut key F1.

Use CTRL+Q to abandon a form as this screen helps to move out of the screen without making any changes to the screen. This shortcut key is at almost all the screens of Tally erp 9.

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If you want to login as remote Tally.NET user then use the shortcut key, CTRL+K.

If anytime you need help through the support centre then access the support centre help through the shortcut key, CTRL+H.

Rewrite data for a company through the shortcut key namely CTRL+Alt+R which is available from the gateway of Tally screen.

Advanced table configuration is accessible through CTRL+ALT+12 shortcut key available at gateway of Tally.

To check the Tally erp 9 versions built details displayed at calculator use the shortcut key, CTRL+ALT+B at all the menu screens.

Shortcut key ALT+O at all reports screens of Tally is used to upload the report at your website.

At all screens, shortcut key ALT+H can be used to access context sensitive help.

ALT+K shortcut key is used to select the keyboard configuration.

To change the language at configuration screen use shortcut key ALT+G which is at almost all screens in Tally erp 9.

For selecting company information for any kind of different purpose like creating, altering or shutting a company, shortcut key at almost all menus ALT+F3 is used.

To change period, shortcut key ALT+F2 is used available at almost all screens in Tally erp 9.

One can close the company using those Shortcut key namely ALT+F1 at all menus screens of Tally.

People using Tally erp 9 must know the importance of these company specific shortcut keys. These always help a great role in speedy data entry operations. So these are always to be kept in mind by data entry operators. Use these company specific shortcut keys for your great leverage.

  • Tally reports shortcut keys

These are very critical shortcut keys in tally erp 9. These are actually report specific shortcut keys. The reports in tally play an important role in tally erp 9 and these shortcut keys enhance the way you view and print these tally reports in tally erp 9. Different reports like detailed and condensed both can be viewed in tally erp 9.

These shorcut keys for tally reports are really useful in many different ways. These keys can used to view the reports in columnar mode or performing other tasks in tally reports like removing a line or lines in the tally reports, to view a line with all details of data entered. So let us go through some of the important useful shortcut keys under this category.

SHIFT+ENTER shortcut key is used to explode a line into the details. This shortcut key is at all the reports, in a group, stock group, cost category, godowns, stock category.

The shortcut key ALT+N is available as well under this tally reports shortcut keys category which is used to view the reports in automatic columns in a easy and great way.

When there is a need to email a report then use the ALT+M shortcut key which is at reports screens in tally erp 9.

For printing report, shortcut key ALT+P is used which is also available at the all the reports screens.

For exporting the report in ASCII, EXCEL, HTML OR XML format this shortcut key ALT+E is here for help at all the report screens.

ALT+F1 shortcut key is for viewing detailed report in tally erp 9 present at all reports screens.

Filtering of information based on monetary value can be done through shortcut key ALT+F12 here on the all reports screens in tally erp 9.

ALT+D shortcut key in tally erp 9 present at balance sheet is used to delete a column in any columnar report.

SPACE shortcut key in tally erp 9 on reports screens is for selecting a line for deleting or hiding.

CTRL+SPACE shortcut key also at all reports screens is here for selecting all the line in one single instance for deleting or hiding like purpose.

This purpose of selecting all the line at one instance for deleting or hiding like purpose can also be fulfilled through CTRL+CTRL+A shortcut key on all screens reports.

ALT+F5 shortcut key on all reports screens is for viewing monthly and quarterly reports in tally erp 9.

Use ALT+C shortcut key to add new column to your tally report and this shortcut key is at balance sheet in tally erp 9.

Alt+Enter shortcut key is to view the voucher display and find this shorcut at day book and almost all voucher reports in tally erp 9.

To alter Stock item master in tally erp 9, CTRL+S Shortcut key can be used which is at stock voucher report and godown voucher report.

ALT+F7 shortcut in tally erp 9 is for accepting all the audit lists and this key is at tally audit listing screen.

SHIFT+ENTER shortcut key at voucher register screen and trial balance report is used to collapse next level details.

ALT+S Shortcut key is used to bring back a line you removed by using another shortcut key ALT+R. This can be found in all the reports.

To retrieve the last line deleted using shortcut key Alt+R, use the ALT+U shortcut key of tally erp 9. This key can also be found in all the reports.

To get a report with further details of an item in a report, use the shortcut key ENTER in tally erp 9. This shortcut key in tally erp 9 is also in all the related tally reports for the tally user.

ALT+F1 shortcut key is also used to toggle between details of condensed report. This can also be found in all the reports easily.

So as we can construe that these shortcut keys of tally reports have a lot of uses. So take leverage of them to full extent for speeding work of tally reports in tally erp 9. So make sure that you through all the above shortcuts of tally reports as we have listed all the important shorcut keys for you.

  • Tally master Shortcut keys

Then comes this next new type of Shortcut keys in tally erp 9. These are the shortcut keys which are directly related to tally master. For this reason also these are very important shortcut keys in tally erp 9.

Following are the most important tally Master related shortcut keys. Go through these thoroughly.

CTRL+C shortcut key under this is for cost center creation screen. This shorcut key is available at voucher type, group, ledger, cost centres, cost categories, budget, scenarios creation alteration screen.

CTRL+O shortcut key under this type is to access employee group creation screen.

To access pay Head creation screen, use the shortcut key CTRL+E.

To access Employees creation screen use CTRL+P Shortcut key in tally erp 9.

CTRL+T shortcut key is used to access attendance and production type creation screen.

To select budget under this Shortcut key CTRL+B is used.

This shortcut key CTRL+B is also used to select the cost centre creation screen.

For selecting the group creation screen, use the shortcut key CTRL+G.

Use CTRL+I shortcut key to select the stock items.

Ctrl+Alt+I shortcut key is for importing statutory masters in tally erp 9.

Shortcut key CTRL+L available at groups, ledgers, cost centres, budgets, scenario is for selecting the ledger.

To select the godowns in tally erp 9 shortcut key CTRL+O is used.

Voucher type uneer this is selected through shortcut key namely CTRL+V present at the groups, ledgers, cost centres, budgets, scenario etc.

If there is need to indicate that you do not want to accept a voucher or master use ESC shortcut key.

These are the most genuine and important tally Master related shortcut keys.

  • Shortcuts for Payroll in tally

These type of Shortcut keys are really important and have a great deal of effectiveness in tally erp 9. These shortcut keys for payroll in tally are for specific purpose of managing payroll in tally. All the payroll vouchers, attendance, viewing reports etc are managed through these shorcut keys for payroll in tally.

CTRL+F5 shortcut key under this category is for accessing attendance voucher.

ALT+A shortcut key is a shortcut of attendance auto fill button.

To access payroll auto fill screen, use the same shortcut key namely ALT+A.

To access employee group creation, CTRL+P shortcut key is used.

For accessing pay head creation screen CTRL+E shortcut key is used in tally erp 9 which is available in most of the payroll master creation screens.

CTRL+T is used to access attendance and production type creation screen in tally erp 9.

  • Shortcut keys related to narration

This type of narration related shortcut keys are also very important and useful in different scenarios. Following are the important narration related shortcut keys.

ALT+R shortcut key is used to repeat the narration in different voucher type.

CTRL+R shortcut key is for repeating narration in the same voucher type.

CTRL+ENTER is the shortcut key to get a line break in the narration field.

To copy narration in tally, shortcut key ALT+CTRL+C is used.

ALT+CTRL+V is used to paste any texts copied from narration field or any other windows text editor.

  • Shortcut keys in tally related to printing and navigation

Navigation and printing is important part of tally erp 9.

Here are the significant shortcut keys related to printing and navigation in tally erp 9.

ESC shortcut key under this is used to come out of a screen.

ENTER shortcut key is for accepting a voucher or master.

ENTER is also for accepting anything you type into a field.

PgDn shortcut key for displaying next voucher during voucher entry.

PgUP Shortcut for displaying previous voucher during voucher entry.

Download Tally shortcut

Some of the printing shortcuts under this are as follows.

  • ALT+N
  • ALT+S
  • ALT+C
  • ALT+F
  • ALT+R
  • ALT+T
  • CTRL+G
  • ALT+L
  • ALT+Z
  • + for zoom in
  • – for zoom out
  • CTRL+ Scroll wheel
  • SHIFT+ Scroll wheel
  • SHIFT+ Right or Left Arrow

So these are the all detailed shortcut keys under different categories in tally erp 9.