5 Reasons for Passing Cisco CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING 200-125 Exam

5 Reasons for Passing Cisco CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING 200-125 Exam

Cisco is the world leader in networking and information technology. It offers training and certification to IT professionals who have a desire to gain networking skills. The certifications offered by this world-known IT vendor fall into different levels from the entry and associate to professional and expert. The most sought-after certifications refer to such tracks as routing and switching, security, cloud, design, to mention a few. To get any credential from Cisco each candidate needs to pass one or more certification exams. The number depends on the credential level one applies for. The Prepaway Cisco 200-125 CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING is a certification exam which provides the IT professionals with foundational knowledge and skills in network design. This test is also an exam that leads to the award of CCNA which is an associate-level credential in the Cisco certification track.

200-125 CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING Exam Overview

200-125 CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING exam assesses the candidate’s foundational knowledge in network design for Cisco network architectures. It also validates your knowledge and skills in designing switched or routed network services and infrastructures involving WAN/LAN technologies for branch networks and basic enterprise campus. The key distinct topics that access candidates’ prowess in network design are as follows:

  • Design Methodologies;
  • Design Objectives;
  • Enterprise Network Design;
  • Addressing and Routing Protocols in an Existing Network;
  • Consideration for expanding an existing network.

Cisco 200-125 is also a 75-minute exam containing 55-65 multiple-choice questions. Cisco 200-125 is only set in the English language and is going to retire by February 23, 2020. Therefore, you should set the goal to pass it before this particular date. Cisco will also design another exam to replace 200-125 CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING.

Why Pass Cisco 200-125 Exam?

Many professionals who are involved in network design usually consider 200-125 CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING as a perfect exam to upgrade their network design skills. It is very true that this test opens doors for many opportunities to IT professionals. Let me unveil other reasons that clearly explain why 200-125 CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING is the most valued exam.

1. It leads to an industry-standard certification

Upon successful completion of 200-125 CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING, professionals are awarded CCNA certification which shows your ultimate competency in network design. The CCNA credential flavors your resume and all the employers would like to have you in their companies because you have a proof of your skills.

2. Higher pay

There is no doubt that certified professionals earn better than their counterparts. For example, according to PaySacle website, CCNA specialists earn about $89,000 per year. Upon getting certified, your salary will automatically rise because your employer will not have to hire a third-party professional to perform network design of an organization. In addition, every network architecture needs consideration for expansion because an organization keeps expanding its services. Therefore, you are always going to be considered in such activities because you have all the skills required. Note, that after gaining CCDP credential, your average salary will be around $107,000 per annum.

3. Cisco is globally known

Having a certification from a vendor that is known and respected is a plus. Your skills and knowledge will be accepted anywhere in the world because most employers believe that Cisco certified professionals have top-notch skills in their area of specialization. This means that your skills would never fail to be considered even when you decide to work online for various companies overseas.

4. Expanding Knowledgebase

The process of passing 200-125 CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING gives a broader understanding of network design and its architecture. You will gain the skills to analyze the existing network architecture and suggest appropriate consideration to enhance the overall efficiency of the organizations’ network system. Therefore, your knowledge base will expand and you will have the ability to perform several tasks as far as network design is concerned.

5. Promotions

This is one of the most important reasons that most IT professionals get certified. It is not appropriate to work as a network technician in your entire career. We all need to see progress in our lives. Upon achieving the CCNA certification, you will get a chance of becoming a network design engineer, system engineer, or sales engineer. Also, you will have the privilege of leading the design team to implement various projects in your company.

The illuminating prep materials for 200-125 CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING

One of the challenging moments of any certification is to get relevant prep materials that will ace your performance. The CCNA is not an exception. There are various platforms that claim to offer prep materials for IT exams. Still, you need to choose the best one that offers the most valid and updated study materials. The currently outstanding platform is PrepAway web resource. It offers enriching prep materials such as:

  • Questions and answers – these are the practice questions that have been designed and verified specially for you by IT experts so that you can check your knowledge and fill in the gaps.
  • Training courses – network design is all about practical skills. It’s the best option for you to gain the hands-on experience in network design.PrepAway courses are well organized and easy to follow. They are led by qualified instructors. All you need to do is to grasp the given material and level up your skills.
  • Study guides – exam preparation normally starts with having a relevant study guide to help you know the sections you should focus on. These study guides are in line with 200-125 CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING exam objectives.
  • Audio guides – unlike the ordinary study guides, PrepAway audio guides are designed for candidates who would like to listen rather than reading.

In a nutshell

Cisco 200-125 CCNA ROUTING & SWTICHING is the most relevant exam for every networking professional who wants to gain profound knowledge in network design. Make sure that you get 200-125 prep materials from PrepAway and your certification process will be an easy task. All the best as you look forward to become the best network architect.