A leading automative Spare Parts Startup -Boodmo


In this article we will be sharing the information regarding Boodmo. It is a company that helps the present vehicle industry with the goal that purchasers and seller of replacement or spare vehicle parts and other related things can work together and do business conveniently.

Boodmo is an organization based in India and was founded in 2015. The primary objective of the organization is to give an online resource of automobile spare parts catalogue, uniting the offer and interest for replacement vehicle parts in a market place. Right now, Boodmo is utilizing 100% foreign investment and employs 20 workers. In 2016, Boodmo site upgraded its feature by showing actual prices of spare parts and contact information and data of spare parts providers for passenger vehicles in India. Boodmo mediates deals for individual spare parts merchant and is planning to broaden site capabilities later on to accommodate spare part sellers inside the catalogues alongside contact prices and other information.

Boodmo is a biggest online organization which gives an appropriate marketing platform to individuals looking to buy automobile spare parts. It offers many types of automobile parts, including both genuine parts as well as aftermarket replacement, which are given by in excess of four hundred providers from all over the country. The automotive industry is quite disorganized in the country. Individuals frequently find themselves occurring a loss from where they can purchase genuine and authentic spare parts for their vehicles. That is the reason Boodmo gives a stage that such people can make of. The stage is ideal for uniting vehicle owners and suppliers of car spare parts to benefit by each another.

It is an online marketplace of spare parts of automobiles and is running under Smart Parts Online Private Limited. INR 7 Crores have been raised by this company from a source of Ukrainian private investment fund. It had been received a funding of total of INR 27 Crore and this is the third capital raised by the organization till date.

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Boodmo deals only in genuine and high quality spare parts as its main focus is on satisfying the customers with their genuine spare parts and other product. The products offered include a huge variety of spare parts.

1) Their list comprises of more than 3.2 crores of genuine, high quality and aftermarket spare parts.

2) They have a stock comprising of 2.7 crores auto spare parts that are accessible for their customers.

3) Their list of parts and components adds up to 4.8 crores in number from approx 400 worldwide suppliers and manufacturers.

4) They also import auto-related products from Europe, Japan, USA, UAE, China and South Korea.

5) They have customer friendly return policy too.

6) Potential customers can purchase what they need from a choice of spare parts which are offered by more than 3000 brands.

7) The organization offers a 100% assurance that any part obtained from it will be according to your need and requirement.

8) This business provides best prices of spare parts that directly benefit the customers. Besides this they have secure method of payment that makes for a checkout procedure without any problem.


The automotive industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. Numerous individuals are purchasing vehicles every day. Ordinary use results in the wear and tear of vehicles. That is the reason why replacement and spare parts are required to keep the vehicles working properly. Boodmo gives helpful information and is an online market for buyers and dealers of spare parts of vehicles giving complete and accurate information about the items offered. The employees of Boodmo organization keeps up catalog by checking vehicle spare parts sources for every vehicle brand and model. This causes the purchaser to find the part that will be most suitable for their vehicle, and this also supports the dealer by giving a huge market for their items and products.