Download and Register for State Bank Buddy Simple 2 Ways


As we all know that PM stresses more on going digital, majority of the banks now have their own bank apps. Earlier it was just net banking and telebanking in order to interact with the customers. So SBI also rolled out their new bank application. Not just a bank application, it is an e-wallet as well. So we will now see what is Bank buddy application, how to add and send money from the application itself?

State Bank Buddy

Knowing the SBI Buddy application

The Buddy application is designed and developed by State Bank of India which is absolutely efficient is smooth payments from mobile app. One can say it is a kind of e-wallet helping in money transfers from any wallet user or any bank account at any point of time.

Besides the fact it is the first Indian application that features an e-wallet as well whereas being available in 13 other languages. At present it is a free application in Google App store and there is no charge for registering on the application to go ahead and use it. Internet charges is applicable as application is dependent on internet to function.

Downloading the SBI Buddy Mobile app

It is completely dependent on the mobile that one is using whether iOS or Android the user can visit the Apple App-store or Google Play Store and enter the keywords SBI Buddy. There will be a long list of similar applications, but you will need to select SBI app.

Then select the application either for android, windows etc. for downloading the application. Or giving a missed call on 09021122222 which will give you a link via text message. Once the application is downloaded, you will need to sign up for this application.

Registering for the SBI buddy in just 2 simple ways

(1) Using the Facebook account for signing up

(I) Using this option, you will be redirected to the Facebook authentication page known as Facebook connect service.

(II) One will need to enter the Facebook username and password and just in case if the page is re-integrated or configured then you just will need to allow to authorize the credentials to be accessed.

(III) This will help to sign up for the mobile e-wallet use.

(IV) Right after the successful authorization with the help of Facebook connect service, the mobile number needs to be fed in the asked fields. Hence concluding with the state bank buddy login.

(2) The Simple sign up

(I) Just in case you choose for simple sign up, email address and mobile number has to be entered in the said fields which is necessary.

(II) Set up the PIN for mobile wallet service access.

(III) You will then receive a welcome text which will be accompanied by the OTP (One time Password) from the number registered and the email address too will be a crucial credential for getting it done.

(IV) But make sure you get it done in less than 3 attempts.

(V) Just in case if you did not receive the OTP, you can resend the OTP.

(VI) Then one text message will be received on the mobile number or the email address and now you are a registered state bank buddy application.


So above mentioned are some of the few simple steps needed to get yourself registered for the State Bank of Buddy application. Following them you get the successful registration done either with the Facebook option or the simple sign up option. As it is a digital era, no one has the time to walk into a bank branch. So the mobile applications has made it possible to get everything done with the touch of a finger touch.