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Introduction To Tally.ERP 9

Hello everyone. If you are an accountant and numbers are what keeping your interest level constant quite high then it is very important for one to have a good understanding of tally software. Irrespective of the size of business whether it was a small scale or a multinational corporation tally became the need of every user as it caters to the needs of every accounting scenarios and the numerous types of billing reports that could be created with its help.

So from our long and promising experience with Tally and its functionalities, we decided to help those individuals that may be very much in accounting. So with the tally tutorials, quick info notes, and videos along with the examples so that it becomes easy for them to digest all the information. Therefore get over any accounting queries that may be a nightmare for them.

Knowing the Tally Game

No doubt Tally makes accounting work more simple and sophisticated but one should be aware of the basics of using the Tally software. As the world has gone digital, there are tons of online resources available to make things easier for the audience and with accordance to that Tallygame.com stands as the best of the best. So to get the best and the most dependable information on Tally and accounting the only thing needed is that one should visit the official web page of Tallygame so to be updated with the newest information.

Here are some of the apprentice of Tally ERP 9.

Let’s take a look at what we have shared with others so far

These Days installing any software from the classic CD drive has gone out from the trend. So what one could do here is download the Tally ERP software ERP 9 from the website tallysolutions.com. A little while back tally solution organization had begun its free trial of 7 days of the application in order to give the users a hang of what it is actually. We have a fully informational tutorial on downloading tally here.

Installation of Tally ERP 9

After the software has been downloaded it is time for the installation of the Tally ERP 9 which also is available in the premium version. There also is available at silver edition which is designed for the SMEs and will be administered by a single user and the Gold edition for those people who want to operate with multiple computers.

The Activation of Tally ERP 9 Licensed version

Right after the Tally ERP 9 has been downloaded and installed it is only available for use in educational mode. This is a limited mode using which one could only learn how the Tally and various other features could be used to make the most of it. Using all the dates in this mode is restricted. Therefore to get a version which is fully functional and none of its capabilities are blocked one will need a Tally version which is activated and ready to use. This tutorial will help those individuals with a step by step process of activation.

Using the Tally ERP 9

A detailed guide on the Tally could be used in order to elaborate the tally navigation, interface, button types, button panel and various other panel calculators in which the shortcut keys are included too… here full Tally shortcut Keys PDF

Creating a company

A few steps to create a company and the needed forms and all the fields the explained for the people who just began.
One can create not just one but multiple companies in Tally ERP 9. Read more…

Load and Shut company

This tutorial will help to learn how one can load and close company in Tally.

Edit Company

If you are looking for some alteration in existing firms of the Tally ERP  9. Now, for example, making a change of address and the contact number can be done with the help of considering an edit option of company info men Read more…

Editing a company: Delete a company

Here we will see about how to learn tally ERP 9  how one can delete a company. Sometimes it may so happen that you will need to get rid of the companies with all of the data Read…

Usage calculation

There is an inbuilt calculator in Tally. The tutorial tells us to get the services of automated calculation activated the calculator operation and invoking of a voucher during entry.

Using a calculator in Tally and knowing about master ledger

For data entry or passing any necessary transactions into the tally, one need to create master ledgers. Master ledgers mean the groups, stock items, Ledger and categories of various groups, etc. Therefore tally comes with 2 ledgers and a huge count of 32 groups by default.

Ledger groups edit, create, delete and edit lessons: Single ledger group creation delete and alteration of the data…

Leader of the group generating is simply explained as the ledger group notion. Groups can be fabricated when switching to multiple and single-mode. This can be done either on a single or a multiple ledger mode.

The Lesson for tally ERP 9 Relevant to Voucher Entry

Voucher entry can be considered as one of the most significant elements of the tally accounting. While on the other hand recording of day to day transactions support to create helpful reports like TB, P&L Balance sheet and reports for tally ledger report. It is not surprising to know that tally has a promising series of tally voucher entry forms relevant to inventory and accounting. Below mentioned is the checklist of the voucher entry topics and lessons relevant to tally accounting Read more…

Tips for Voucher Entry

For speedy data entry in tally, one needs to very well versed to speed up the tally vouchers. Therefore these quick tips will help you to get the voucher entry very quickly. Hence trying to implicate these tips in the work will make you a pro user of the tally ERP 9. Also, it will help to get your work done in just no time Read More…

The Narration Tips

Any voucher entry form carrier a field along with it which is also known as narration which is very useful for feeding the voucher entry in the field as there are some shortcuts which is used for repeated narration.

The Narration Tips and Tricks

The compound voucher and narration entry:-There is a compound voucher in tally which means that there are more than one transactions with the same aspects in a single voucher. Such kind of voucher entry may strongly need the narration of every single narration for each and every transaction ever made.

Vouchers: Single and Double Entry

Mainly there are 2 types of voucher in Tally. A single entry is simply a very precise and at the very same time very accurate technique for entries. Best suitable for the people who are from a non-accounting background. Double entry, on the other hand, is another method of the voucher entry for both of the techniques that could be really comprehensively informative while passing a journal entry… Learn more…

Sales Voucher Entry

The sales voucher in tally can be easily done with the help of the tally  ERP 9 tutorials which includes invoice mode of the voucher which enables the Boucher and accounting item and voucher invoices.

Entering Sales and Purchase voucher in Tally

Posting about the purchase voucher entry, various entry voucher modes including the item invoice and service invoices. Also, the receipt vouchers are a significant aspect of the tally voucher when you receive a cheque or a customer makes a payment for a sale of any item one would surely need a receipt voucher. learn journal entry for purchased returns…

Entering a Receipt

In a business whenever a transaction is made the payment voucher is a smart mechanism used in order to record those transactions. The payment transactions do matter when the payment is a bank or a cash transaction.

Entering a Contra voucher in Tally

A contra voucher can be explained as a voucher for passing a bank or cash transaction. These type of voucher is taken consideration for passing an internal movement of funds. So to get the journal voucher there is a different kind of voucher. Also, not every sort of transactions can be passed with the help of the journal voucher. There comes a time when there are a few entries for adjustment.

Preparing Journal Voucher in Tally: Debit Note Voucher

Debit notes are taken into consideration when the customer is debited directly from his account. When the purchase return takes place in Tally. One could raise a debit note and issues to the supplier directly.

Entering a Debit Note in tally

When a sales return takes place one should credit the party with the entire value of the return. Therefore one needs to be very cautious while passing a debit note.


The catch here is Tally does a whole lot than one could have possibly imagined. With the latest updated version rolled out it gave access to a whole lot of features and functionalities, it makes it one of the most impeccable accounting software present in the market.