Top 10+ Cement Companies in India

best cement in india

India is one of the countries which have world’s largest population and also it is one of the fastest developing countries all over the world. This is a country which has construction always going on. You will be able to see a different type of construction works such as building construction, Mall construction, road construction, Complex construction and many different types of works each and everywhere in different parts of India.

There are many cities in India which do not sleep and has a significant amount of population which is working all the time.

There is always a need of different type of resources for the works of construction and if they are not delivered on correct time then it can cause destruction in the work and also break the chain cycle. One of the most important materials which are needed for construction is the cement.

It is a chemical substance which does work to bring other different substances together which are needed during the construction works. Cement is a substance which eventually hardens and also adheres two different other substances so that they could not be any kind of movement caused after the completion of construction work and the materials could easily get stuck in their place.

It is a product which is calcium silicate online based and it is an in the organic substance. The cement industry is actually one of the largest industries and it has a billion-dollar market as well.

There are many companies who are in a constant race with each other so that they can get in the first place and get security for themselves. However, getting in the list of top 10 cement companies in India is not that easy. There are also many small scale cement industries present all over India. In this list today we will provide you with best cement companies which provide the best cement in India and are ruling the market at the present state.

Here is the list of Top 10+ cement companies in India.

1. ACC Cement

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ACC Cement

This is a company which has a production capacity of more than 33 million tons of the cement in a year. The proud chairman of this company is N.S. Sekhsaria.The headquarters of this company is located in Mumbai, India.

This company was found in 1936 and his growing since then. They have around 7800 employees which are very happy with their work and the company values their employees as well.

The parent company of this company is Lafarge Holcim Group and has a presence in more than 80 countries all around the world.

2. UltraTech Cement

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Ultra Tech Cement

This company steals the primary spot in our list of the highest eleven cement corporations in India because it produces around ninety-three million heaps of gray cement in an exceedingly year. This company is the proud owner of seven bulk terminals, one clinkerisation plant, twenty-five grinding units, and eighteen integrated plants.

The company is the part of the Aditya Birla Group and was formally based in the year 1983 with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. The director of the corporate is K.K. Maheswari who has been the sensible mind who had with success carried this venture to the good heights it has achieved these days.

The company presently not solely operates in India however additionally operates in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and also the United Arab Emirates. This company additional adopts the name of Birla White for its white cement which plants to is on its thanks to glory. It additionally has numerous cement mills in Bharat.

3. Shree Cement

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Shree Cement

Shree Cements encompasses a production capability of around nineteen.3 million tons annually that guarantees them a spot in our list of prime eleven cement firms in Bharat.

This company manages a complete of five cement producing plants and has used around 4698 staff operating and being an everyday a part of their whole company and endeavor.

This company was based in 1979 in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district and presently has it’s headquarter settled in Calcutta, India. The manager chairman of the corporate is BenuGopalBangur WHO is that the sensible mind behind varied with success ventures taken by this company.

4. Ambuja Cement

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Ambuja Cement

This company has a stop in our list of prime eleven cement firms in India with a production capability of around twenty-nine tons annually.

The company was formally based in 1983 and headquarter of the corporate is found in Mumbai, India. the corporate has additionally with success completed the task of group action five cement producing plants and any has with success integrated around eight cement grinding units.

It presently is providing a living to around 5183 folks by hiring them and creating them the part of such a robust cluster. This company is a component of the worldwide company conglomerate Lafarge Holcim. The corporate is doing nice and still shows signs of moving any up the ladder.

5. Ramco Cement

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Ramco Cement

Ramco Cement is that the company that was based in 1894 and has been with success ready to steal a spot on our list of the highest eleven cement corporations in India. This company includes a production capability of sixteen million tons annually and has with success carried itself this so much.

This company includes a total of eight producing plants that is enclosed of a numerous grinding unit and alternative necessary places that require to be maintained for the prospering functioning of the corporate. There are around 2883 workers operating during this prestigious company presently.

Headquarter of the corporate is located in Chennai, India. The administrator of the corporate is VenkataramaRajuwhile A.V. Dharmakrishnan is that the chief operating officer of the corporate. The corporate is additionally concerned in making prepared combine Concrete and numerous Dry Mortar products.

6. Binani Cement

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Binani Cement

Binani Cement is a company with a productions capability of around eleven million tons throughout one year. The corporate has around a pair of integrated plants within which one amongst the plants is placed in China whereas the opposite one is placed in India.

The company additionally incorporates a grinding unit that is presently placed in port. There are 2 grades of OPC cement made by this company. These 2 totally different grades are called forty-three and fifty-three.

The company additionally produces PPC cement. This company was supported in 1996 and has it’s headquartered in Mumbai, India. The decision-maker of the corporate is Vinod Juneja WHO is that the man behind varied booming ventures that are initiated and undertaken by this company.

7. Mycem Cement

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Mycem Cement

This is the last cement company in our list and incorporates a production capability of around five.4 million tons throughout one year. The corporate has three cement works that is presently situated in Madhya Pradesh, state, and Karnataka.

The company was supported in 1959 and has its headquarters in Haryana, India. The founders of this company known are S.K. Birla, NandlalHamirwasia, SarangapaniMudaliar, and Sushil Kumar Tiwari. This company may be a subsidiary of the Heidelberg Cement cluster that may be a company based mostly in the Federal Republic of Germany.

8. JSW Cement

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JSW Cement

The production capability of this company is around half-dozen million tons throughout one year. This truth allows the corporate to look on a spot in our list of prime eleven cement firms in the Asian country.

Headquarters of the corporate is found in Bombay, India. The manager of the corporate is Sajjan Jindal who may be a man of many abilities. The corporate features a current total of three cement production plants that are set throughout India at Mysore, province, and Maharashtra.

9. Wonder Cement

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Wonder Cement

Wonder Cement may be a company that includes a production capability of around 75 million tons throughout one year. This truth earns this cement company the eighth spot on our list of prime eleven cement corporations.

This company was recently supported in 2010 and is sort of young compared to different cement corporations that area unit mentioned on our list or area unit gift presently within the market.

10. The India cements limited

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The India cements limited

This company is our list of prime eleven cement firms in India. The assembly capability of this company is around fifteen.5 million tons in a very year. This company presently manages around eight integrated cement plants and around a pair of grinding units.

11. K. cement

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K. cement

K. Cement Company is extensively within the producing and distribution of cement furthermore as cement primarily based merchandise. The corporate was based by Lala Kamlapat Singhania. the corporate is the second-largest manufacturer of white cement and wall putty in the Asian nation. Actually, the corporate has the annual production capability of 600,000 tons and 700,000 tons severally in India.


So this was the list of top cement companies in India. All of them are really good companies in this list of cement companies in India.