Top 10 Retail Companies in India

top 10 retail companies in india

Retail business referred as an process where consumable goods are sold to people known as consumers for the settlement of their needs and wants. Retail business is continued through multiple channels of distribution to earn profits and run basic livelihood. The retailer is basically are persons who settle the needs and wants of a consumer by supplying small orders or products to a large number of individuals from shops or marts.

Operating different types of retailing shops from different places is ancient business practice. Today, consumers are happy to shop different products under one roof which is an easy and convenient process of retailing business. The hub where different products are available under one roof is known as marts. Walmart and Big Bazaar are the biggest example of the national and international hub of retailing business.

India is known for its retail market in the world as the country has crossed $620 billion benchmarks by 2011. The report was generated by organized retail penetration (ORP) where the largest share of retail business is held by food and groceries i.e. 75% of the market where only 1% is in the organized sector. Remaining share is hold by footwear and backed up by clothing.

People always search for top retailers in India. Thus, to settle this question we have listed a few top Indian retailers below.

Top 10 Retailers in India

1. Metro Cash and Carry


Metro Cash and Carry

Metro in India is famous for transportation. But, in 2003 the company has introduced an subordinate company in name of “Metro cash and carry” where different products like electronics, kitchenware, food, clothing and stationery are available under one roof at reasonable prices and even at lower rates than local market. The company has managed to gain great achievement over the years and holds its centres in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai. It is one of the budding retail stores in India.

2. Reliance Companies


Reliance Companies

Reliance is another biggest brand that holds major market in different fields. It runs fresh stores under the name of Reliance fresh and clothing stores in name of Reliance trends and we all know that why is reliance famous for i.e. one of the best service provider. The company has also launched Reliance Mart i.e. Hypermart where different products are available under one roof. The company has a turnover of 4500 crores per year. It is counted in top retailers in India.

3. Bharti-Walmart


The company Bharti Walmart is a product of joint venture where 50% of its shares are hold by world famous company, Walmart. It is one of the top retails stores in world and not only in India. All the services of cash and carry are carried by Walmart with front end hold by Bharti as to enlarge its sale in India. Walmart is planning to invest 7 billion dollars in this Indian venture where it is planning to grow over 100 hypermarkets and hundreds of small stores in the country.

4. Shoppers Stop


Shoppers Stop

The company, “shoppers Stop” was founded in 1991 holding its headquarter in Mumbai. Shoppers Stop offers a product range of clothing, fragrances, accessories, and handbags through it discounted departmental stores hypermarkets and superstores.

5. Aditya Birla Group


Aditya Birla group

Aditya Birla group works under the brand name of “Pantaloons” which was founded in 1997 and is famous for its fashion trends. The company as a vision to grow hyper stores and supermarkets for availing Indian foods, grocery products and fashion trends under one roof.

6. Vivek Limited


Vivek Limited

The company, Vivek limited is famous for selling electronics and Home Appliances. The company phones 44 stores in the south and planning to grow another 50 in the coming years. The company is now holding its name in the best household products offering company.

7. TATA Group


TATA group has many subsidiary companies or multiple retail stores in India like westside a lifestyle retail Chain, titan a watch brand and Tanishq jewelry brand under its name. The group also owns hypermarket under the name of Indian bazaar where you can find many products under one roof at lower prices.

8. RPG Group


RPG Group

It was the first company to venture with dairy farm international and took initiative to launch Medicare products. The alliance has dissolved now.

9. Landmark Group


Landmark Group

The group has launched many fashion brands like Max, Lifestyle, Shoe Mart under its supervision. It company owns over 100 stores in the country. It also owns companies like foodmark, fitness first and city max.

10. Raheja Group


Raheja group

It first overseas venture in furniture and home decor. The company deals in premium products and has over 37 stores in 17 different cities.

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