Born 2 is Teaching the Art of Giving with Volunteers Across 5 Cities

Born 2 ngo

Born 2 NGO with more than 150 volunteers across 5 cities in India and with 100 regular donors has conducted drives in more than 40 slums across India.

Born 2 help was planned with the thought of providing a higher quality of life for children living in slums across India. Founder Barun Paul believes that poor sanitation and deficiency disease are the most important challenges faced by these kids, that sets them on the rear foot.  Education, he says, maybe a nice equalizer. Born 2 NGO works across these slum areas and is spread across 5 cities with a very passionate volunteer base.


Barun was born in Kharagpur in a family with modest means. The youngest of 4 brothers, he was educated in a government-run Bengali medium school.

Barun Story Beginning

He got his engineering degree from the West Bengal University of Technology which then posted him to Bengaluru for his 1st ever job in Honeywell company. it had been here that Born 2 help was initiated.

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For Barun, teaching continuously command plenty of interest. He had schooled poor kids even throughout his school days and continued teaching as a member of the Honeywell CSR team. He additionally provided computer training to poor kids while operating for an organization in Bengaluru. However, operating underneath these constrained circumstances, he believed that he wasn’t able to create a dent in the larger issue.

Barun Paul Passion

There was fast growth after these initial glitches. They soon began to recruit a lot of volunteers. On January 1, 2016, their Facebook page went live. This distended the initiative from Bengaluru to Delhi, Kolkata, Kharagpur, and Jamshedpur. They related to an organization named Hope Foundation India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} and commenced conducting education drives in the slums adopted by Hope Foundation India in Kolkata.


They have over 150 volunteers across India and a hundred regular donors who keep the organization functioning swimmingly. they have conducted drives in more than 40 slums and have a recorded information of over 1,000 kids and their instructional accomplishments.

They have worked with cancer and HIV patients and raised money for their treatment through walkathons. they often distribute basic drugs and health supplements to such patients. They additionally give food and hygiene kits, blankets, educational material and sanitary pads to kids each month. They sporadically conduct education and talent development drives for homeless kids, patients and therefore the elderly.

Through this initiative, he desires to market the habit of serving to others. “Alone we are able to do very little, but along we are able to create a difference. In Mahatma Gandhi’s words, be the change you would like to see the world,” Barun says.

We can also find some or another way to help the poor and needy which is within our capability. It is a nice feeling to feed someone needy and give educational help to the ones in need. Teaching poor but skilled kids is one of the ways to build our nation.

You can also join Born 2 NGO to help these poor and needy kids and elderly in our nation.