Mumbai Startup introduces First Day of Period Leave For Women Staff

First day of leave

Culture Machine, the startup in Mumbai introduced new policy named “the first Day of Period” that grants leave to women employees on the first day of their period. The firm has over 75 women employees, who are given thumbs up to these new policies.

At this time of the month women, may have mood swings, weird pains or cramps. By understanding this situation of women, Mumbai Startup “Culture Machine” has introduced “The First Day of Period” leave of the women Staff.

The firm also released the video of their women staff talking about their first day of the period and what are their reaction on this period leave policy. The firm also moved the petition addressing ministry of Human Resources  Development, Ministry of Women and Child development to apply this period leave policy all over India.

So, here is the video First Day of Period

Countries like Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, and China also have firms that provide leave on the first day of the period to women employees.

Bihar government also have the same kind of policy with another name i.e. “biological reason”. This policy in bihar grants two day leave every month to women on the tart of their period week. Now, petition lies with central government to successfully comply this policy all over India.

Move along, the video “The First Day of Period” released by Vulture Machine Got 1 lakh views on Youtube. People also appreciated the decision of new policy and other organisation suit to follow.