Top 10 New Small Business ideas in Goa


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Goa is a famous destination place for Indian as well as foreigners. Be it summer or winter, Goa never goes out of limelight. Sitting on the western coast of India, it is a tiny emerald land reflecting a mini- paradise on earth. Goa is amalgamation of cultural identities that is Indian and Portuguese. These identities are embedded in the architecture, way of living and other things of beauty. National Geographic Magazine compare Goa with the Amazon of South America  and Congo basin of central Africa for its important biodiversity hotspot, acting as a carbon sink, absorbing carbon from becoming carbon dioxide. There are many business opportunities in Goa. Goa has significant part of economic activities contributed by agriculture activity. Cultivation of rice, cashew coconut, and fishing is prevalent. The sizeable populace of Goa is engaged in manufacturing sector. Economy of Goa is prominently boosted because of the many tourist attractions like two world heritage sites, Portuguese-era monuments and architecture, churches, temples, beaches, water sports, it’s night life. Goa is the ideal destination for domestic and international tourist seeking a fun time.

The state has fully developed infrastructure and land connectivity. Goa is the state that has achieved 100% telephone network connectivity system and 100% rural electrification. All these contribute to growing business opportunities in Goa.

Some of the Goa business opportunities that you can start your business with are as follows:

1. Green Tourism

Also called responsible tourism, ecotourism, sustainable tourism, nature tourism. The core philosophy focuses on the form of travel that follow eco-friendly practices, enjoying one’s travel without harming the natural and cultural heritage and without disturbing the local communities that stays there. This offers the best business to do in Goa as this business generate added revenue from safari camps, wildlife photography, and other ecotourism activities. As for the travelers, they develop close relation with nature, wildlife, cross-cultural understanding thus understand the value of pristine ecosystem. All of this contributes protecting the habitat, control pollution and prevent deforestation. Ecotourism business in Goa has contributed a lot to the economy. You can also earn some by taking up these small scale business ideas in Goa.

2. Transportation Service

Throughout the year, there is huge local and foreign footfall in Goa. Transportation services form the backbone of any tourism activity. While welcoming host of tourists every year, the transportation services has tremendous growth opportunities. Depending on the choice and budget of the customer, you can offer many transport services. Like bicycle renting, this is natural friend business in Goa. Set up your business in Goa near hotel or resort. You can offer Scooty rental or taxi services to the tourist. These small business opportunities in Goa are fast growing with increase in tourists.

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3. Vending Machine Business

With the advancement in technology and seeing the acceptability of people towards vending machines, it has pick up the growth pace. This is a kind of business then doesn’t require renting a shop, doesn’t require labor, no exceptional skills and no promotional cost, etc. All that you need to do initial investment in vending machine. Keeping in mind the taste and choices of people, choose your selling products and then decide the location. Location is important, put it at a place that receives many eyeballs at the same time where eateries are not available nearby. These are serving as new business opportunities in Goa.

4. Photography


Travel and pictures is a complementary combination. People love being captured with natural scenic beauty, adventure sports, beautiful moments, events, etc. Photography business in Goa has immense potential. With so many attractions and highlights in Goa, photography business is likely to sail smooth. Anyone can take these small business opportunities in Goa with minimal capital investment. All that is needed today start this business is a good lens and photography skills. It is best business option for those who contemplates “I want to start my own business in Goa”.

5. Travel Agency

travel agency

Planning a trip is a complex and tiresome task so people prefer contacting travel agency to get the work done. The job of travel agency is to make the complete travelling arrangements of the traveler. This involves arranging travel tickets, tours, trips transportation, travel insurance and hotel or resort accommodation/stay services, etc. In accordance with the customer need, preference and budget, they suggest suitable destinations, appropriate accommodation and mode of transportation, etc. Hence, making the journey comfortable and hassle-free. This business is not only limited to organizing foreigner’s tour but also domestic tourist. This offers new business opportunities in Goa.

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6. Brewpub Business

Brewpubs are actually restaurant-cum- microbrewery that offers variety of customized beer on demand of customers. Microbrewery are independently owned breweries that produce their own beer but comparatively smaller than the larger breweries. Goa is the destination for brewpub business dreamers given the huge consumer rate. This is the best business to do in Goa. Knowledge and experience is must to start this business venture. Proper planning, brewery location, brewery equipment, proper funding, getting your business insured and following regulations are important stages that need to be carefully looked upon.

7. Fast food Restaurant

I want to start my own business in Goa but what? Fat food corner is an answer; the fast food is the most popular food among today’s generation. This can be vouched for, seeing the big fast food giants like McDonald’s, Dominos, Subway, etc making millions of money by selling fast food. This offers small scale business ideas in Goa capable of running successfully. Tasty fast food is the only requirement for carrying on this business.

8. Fish farming

Fish farming

Fish farming is the small scale business ideas in Goa that is picking its pace.  Even the government of Goa is launching many schemes encouraging people to take up fish farming. Given the under-utilized fresh water ponds and impoundments, the growth potential is enormous. Goa stretches along the huge coastline of Arabian Sea hence; it offers naturally gifted commercial business opportunities in Goa. Also seafood demand is overwhelming high in foreign countries also given its nutritional value. If you take up this business then you have already established fish market availability.

9. Landscaping business

Landscaping business can be regarded as new business opportunities in Goa. Landscapers are hired for maintenance of residential buildings and commercial place like hotels, resorts, company’s lawn, parks, golf courses, road side mowing, etc. These day, it has almost become a trend, having decorated gardens with properly maintained grass size, shapes flower beds, different plants, shrubs and trees. This is done to increase the value of the property concerned.

10. Spas Business

Establish your business in a hotel or resort or nearby them. Therapy does not only provide skin enhancement treatment but also health benefits like improves blood circulation, relieve the body off the toxins, melt away your stress, boost immune system, etc. After knowing the advantages people don’t mind in splurging a bit. You should have professional training of facial treatments, manicure and pedicure, types of body massages, body scrubs and masks, knowledge of aromatherapy. To attract more and more clients, set your location thoughtfully. This is a best business to do in Goa as the place receives huge footfall.

While Goa is the smallest among all the Indian states by it geographical area 3,702 ; It has highest GDP per capita in comparison to all other states. It is no brainer to ascertain that business opportunities in goa are tremendous.