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Here is why all cryptocurrencies are blockchains, but all blockchains are not cryptocurrencies. To learn about it see these article.

security tokens

The ultimate guide of security tokens – A new megatrend

Security Tokens can be the next megatrend of the blockchain revolution. Before the phase of security tokens, the emergence of the trends like cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Mining Overview

Legal status and regulations regarding Bitcoin over the world

Some people ponder over the legality of the bitcoin, so let me tell you that it is absolutely legal. But some countries have declared the Bitcoin..
Blockchain Technology

How the Blockchain Technology will Shape our Future

While there are numerous new and innovative technologies being developed today, not all of them have the potential of blockchain.
Ripple’s efforts on Cryptocurrency

Ripple’s efforts to be on the Major Exchanges for Cryptocurrency

The company Ripple controls the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency, XRP. Many banks have signed onto its network and bought equity stakes.
Investment and Cryptocurrency Exchange

Investment and Cryptocurrency Exchange

Money has always been a critical issue for many families and individuals. It may not be a need or a want in the sense that it can be used or consumed by humans.