tally shortcut keys

Tally erp 9 shortcut keys list

Before here we move to tally shortcut keys pdf for you it is important to understand that shortcut keys play a great part in tally erp 9.
tally erp 9 tutorial

Tally ERP 9 Tutorials Basic & Advanced online guides & classes

So with the tally tutorials, quick info notes and videos along with the examples so that it becomes easy for them to digest all the information.
how to delete company in tally

How to delete a company in Tally?

This blog is entirely focused on answering the question on how to delete a company in tally. Let’s go step by step to learn how to delete company in tally?
types of accounts

Types of Accounts involved in Accounting System

These types of accounts are further classified in three categories of accounts which are as follows: real account, personal account, nominal account.
real account

What is Real Accounts and Nominal Account?

The balances of these ledger accounts are transferred or carried to permanent account i.e. real account. Nominal account is prepared in general ledger.
what is tds

All you need to know about TDS

TDS deduction also known as Tax Deducted at Source is the TDS full form is a framework fabricated and designed by the the ITDCG.

TDS on withdrwal of EPF under section 192A wef 01.06.2015

As per the 192a of income tax act, the overall balance view and becoming payable for an individual who is active in a recognized prudential fund.
section 194j

Section 194J – Fees for professional or technical services

Section 194j the subtraction of TDS at source also known as Tax Deducted at source has been considered as of a great help..
debit note

What is Debit Note And Credit Note and it’s Important and Difference?

Debit note is commercial instrument used by buyers to convey the request to issue credit note in favour of buyers. It is popularly known as debit memorandum.
CIF Number

What is CIF number? Where can you find yours?

CIF stands for customer information file that contains all financial history of account holders. You can find your CIF number online and offline on various places...