section 194j

Section 194J – Fees for professional or technical services

Section 194j the subtraction of TDS at source also known as Tax Deducted at source has been considered as of a great help..
debit note

What is Debit Note And Credit Note and it’s Important and Difference?

Debit note is commercial instrument used by buyers to convey the request to issue credit note in favour of buyers. It is popularly known as debit memorandum.
CIF Number

What is CIF number? Where can you find yours?

CIF stands for customer information file that contains all financial history of account holders. You can find your CIF number online and offline on various places...
aadhar card status

How To Check Aadhar Card Status By Enrollment ID? How To Find Lost Aadhar...

You can check Aadhaar card status online on official website for Aadhaar card or send new SMS with UID STATUS on 12341048002615. Read for more details.

What Do You Need to Start Day Trading?

Have you ever considered expanding your wealth and building your financial portfolio with a day trading strategy? There's a lot to think about when...