Best 3 water park in chandigarh: Ticket Price, Address and Phone number

water park in chandigarh

Our country, India is a beautiful country. There are so many places to visit. No matter where we go or where we live, we want some kind of excitement, thrill and enjoyment. And where do we get all these things? Any guesses.

Well if you haven’t guessed it yet, then let me tell you. The place where you will get all kind of excitement and thrill is amusement parks.

Each and every city or state has its uniqueness, flavour, taste, tradition and culture. But one thing that makes them United is the fun that they provide by opening amusement or water parks.

Amusement or water parks in chandigarh are one such place which provide both the outsiders and the local people fun and a day off from their loaded work. Like any other big city, the green city of the country, Chandigarh is a beautiful city which is the capital of both Haryana and Punjab. With all the greenery it posses, it never fails to mesmerise us.

The city is well-planned and design. Where there are some cities which are crowded or polluted, but Chandigarh is a place where everyone wants to escape to. In fact, Chandigarh has got some great and exciting Amusement and water parks that not only make the residents happy but also helps in attracting a lot of tourists.

North India Is famous for the cold and chills in the winter season but you cannot deny the fact that when someone arises, not India dozen feel the heat. Now win there is so much hotness and humidity, don’t you think that people would want to go some places where they could relax with their friends and family.

So, here we are, with another article, which talks about the three best amusement and water parks in Chandigarh.

These water parks or amusement parks aren’t located inside the city but they are located within an easy traveling distance. One is located in Mohali, another in Panchkula and the last one is in Pinjore.

Since, these water parks are not in the city, the people find it more convenient to visit them as along with the fun they would do in those water parks, they also get a long drive. Thousands of people visit these water parks and during summer season, people from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh etc come and visit Chandigarh and one of these water parks.

1. Fun City Water Park:

Fun city water park

Open in 1995, fun city waterpark is one of the oldest and the most famous waterpark of the region. There are almost 20 slides In different sizes where they have made some water slides which are just for children of less than 10 years old. Pools like activity pool, wave pool and six landing pool are there. In fact the park has 20 rides like crazy cars, fun on wheels, crazy bull, octopus, funny boats, spacewalks. Since, it is the first waterpark of fun city chandigarh, it is quite popular and one of the most trusted water park. Other famous water slides are red dragon slide, crazy cruise, pendulum etc.

Address: 20 kms away from sector 17, near Ramgarh- Nada sahib road, District Panchkula.

Contact number: 9914406505

Timings: 10:00 to 19:00

Tickets price:

  • for amusement park= Rs 490
  • For water park= Rs 970
  • Combined ticket= Rs 990
  • Kids below 3 and adults above 65 of age are provided with free year through out the year.

Dress code: Anything you prefer in Nylon.

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2. Thunder Zone Water and Amusement Park:

Thunder zone water and amusement park

It is the second water park that was opened in Mohali, near Chandigarh after Fun City water park. Thunder zone water park caters tourists from all over Mohali and Chandigarh. It has some thrilling rides along with lush green lawns. Spread over 11 acres of land, thunder zone Water Park has 12 exclusive rides which includes caterpillar, octopus, swinging chair and many more. There are separate pools for children with 4 slides in them and has the famous wave pool. In fact, there is fun zone area which is meant for only toddlers and children.

Address: Mohali- Sirhind Road, near landran, district Mohali.

Contact number: 9888782220

Thunder zone chandigarh ticket price:

  • For amusement park= Rs 450
  • For water park= Rs 800
  • Combined ticket= Rs 850

Thunder zone timings:

  • For summers= 11.00 to 19:30
  • For winters= 00 to 17:30

Dress code= You can wear anything you like.

The most amazing thing of this park is that even if you don’t wanna take any ride, you can enter the amusement park. Unlike any other water park, they are okay with this. All you have to pay Rs 300.

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3. Aqua Village Water Park:

Aqua village water park

Aqua village water park is new to the list. It was opened a few years back in Pinjora. As the name suggests, this place is purely a water place unlike the two others which are amusement park and chandigarh water park as well. The most attractive thing about this water park is that it has 5 pools consisting of one pool for the kids, one wave pool, a family pool and two pools with slides.

The one thing that attracts tourists is that this amusement park in chandigarh claims to have automatic water filters and UV protection pools.

You can get around 30% off when book tickets from

Address: Yadwindra Gardens, Pinjora- chandigarh shimla highway, around 25 kms away from chandigarh city.

Contact number: 8437473747

Price tickets:

  • Monday to Friday = Adults – Rs 650

 Children- Rs 550

  • Saturday and Sunday = Adults – Rs 750

Children- Rs 600

Timings: 10:00 to 19:00

Dress code: Only nylon costumes

  • For locker = Rs 70
  • For extra towels = Rs 60
  • For costumes if not bought = Rs 60

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With all the information that you receive now, decide fast and visit the water park in chandigarh which excites you more. After all, we all deserve the fun.

Make sure that which ever water you chose, has parking facilities and security. It is important that while we enjoy, our belongings like vehicles and things in lockers are safe.

Make sure that each and every pool has body guard so that if anything happens, someone should be trained enough to calm the situation down. Make the call and clear your doubts. And in the end, go with the flow.