Construction materials that are used to make durable wheelchairs


Choosing the right transport wheelchair is not an easy task; you ought to consider factors such as its durability, cost, and strength vs. weight. Most of the wheelchairs in the market today are made using materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum, steel. The wheels and push handles are made out of rubber while the seat is made using upholstery to make it more comfortable.

construction materials for durable wheelchairs

When choosing a transport wheelchair, it’s really prudent for you to match the material with the lifestyle. You really don’t want a wheelchair that breaks down just a few months after purchase. In this article, we’ll look at the different materials that are used to make wheelchair frames:

  1. Titanium and Carbon Fiber

These materials are not used to make the “everyday wheelchair” since they’re quite costly. Wheelchairs that are made out of titanium and carbon fiber are commonly used during specific activities such as wheelchair racing or wheelchair basketball.

Titanium and carbon fiber wheelchairs are very durable.

  1. Aluminum

Wheelchairs that are made using aluminum can be used for everyday use. The metal is quite lightweight and is, therefore, preferred by most wheelchair users.

Different types of aluminum alloys can be used to ensure that the frames are corrosion-resistant. Such wheelchairs are built for durability; you can own such wheelchairs for a long time without any significant deterioration.

  1. Steel

Steel wheelchairs tend to be a lot cheaper as compared to aluminum wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are also quite heavy, making them difficult to fold and store.

Steel is often used to make standard wheelchairs that do not really emphasize the strength to weight ratio. Wheelchairs made out of this material are considered to be “outdated” and old school.

Why choose these materials?

The type of material used determines the wheelchair’s quality and this affects its usefulness all through its life.

Special attention is given to all parts of the wheelchair to ensure that users get high-quality products. This takes a lot of time and energy. It’s for this reason that wheelchairs are often more costly compared to simpler products such as bicycles.

Do these materials offer any health benefits?

Wheelchair manufacturers pay attention to the user’s overall health and comfort. The upholstery is used to make sure that the user is as comfortable as possible; it prevents heat from accumulating in the seating area causing them to sweat. If this were to happen, it would result in infections.

Upholstery is hard to stretch and does not wear out easily. It lasts longer than other material and is also great with heat ventilation.

The main aim of the rubber parts is to ensure that the wheels last long and don’t need to be changed frequently. Rubber wheels run smoothly and can withstand different types of terrain. When a different material is used to make the wheels, they tend to rip and tear easily especially is the wheelchair is used on a daily basis.


The materials used on the different parts of a wheelchair play an important role in improving and simplifying the user’s way of life. In wheelchairs that are mainly made out of aluminum, you will still find some steel parts that hold it together. This not only improves the strength but also helps create a distinct look that gives it a better appearance.