Why Traditional Advertising Still has a Place in the World of Marketing


Although the world of marketing has experienced a massive evolution with the advent of the internet and communication technologies, traditional marketing still exists. There is less use and popularity has declined, but there are still scenarios where businesses can achieve success by using these older mechanisms. For example, although newspaper subscriptions are significantly lower than in previous decades, smaller newspapers in small towns are still popular. Furthermore, certain demographics listen to radio and read printed newspapers. Branded products still serve as a reminder of a company’s name and existence, thus being a powerful brand-awareness tool. What this means is that companies that understand their demographics and how their potential customers behave can take advantage of the low prices and develop an effective traditional advertising strategy.

Traditional Advertising Still has a Place in the World of Marketing

Understanding who your customer is

Successful marketing, regardless of the specific methodology or strategy, revolves around companies creating a message that resonates with their audience. The more that a potential customer identifies with the message, the higher the probability of inciting a reaction. This is important because it is independent of the channel. The concept holds true with newspaper ads, a YouTube video, and a Facebook post. Furthermore, the message must reach the intended audience. One of the successes of online advertising is that strategies can specifically target a niche and companies can measure the results. This is not available with traditional advertising. Nevertheless, if a company is looking to focus on Americans over the age of 65, then the advantages of online marketing may not be pertinent. The reason is that senior citizens typically have a difficult time adapting to modern technology. Ignoring this can be costly, but he opposite is also true. If targeting millennials, traditional channels will not produce positive results.

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Once a company understands their customer’s characteristics, behavior, and tendencies, they can begin to develop an improved marketing plan that looks for places where their potential clients frequent, what they read, what they watch, and how they make purchasing decisions. If this insight suggests that their clients rely heavily on social media, read blogs, watch videos online, and stream their favorite television channels, then traditional marketing is probably best as a secondary method. However, if they watch local news, subscribe to specialty magazines, and read newspapers, then the primary focus of the campaign should be in traditional media. Since there is still relevance in these methods, accredited online and continuing education degree programs still teach such concepts in their marketing courses.

Why are conventional methods relevant?

Concepts like signage still work because it lets customers know where a business is located. This is a visual reminder for anyone who passes it. People driving by will see the sign, and this can produce a potential lead. Businesses can also achieve brand and location awareness by providing custom presentation folders, promotional items, flyers, and brochures. Ultimately, these advertising ideas can be mixed where their online information is included, thus improving their online visibility.

The right kind of investment in advertising in the correct channel will produce results. Therefore, traditional marketing still exists and will have a place in the world. Even if it becomes a niche market more so than what it already is, a targeted segment of the population will seek those channels. This translates to advertisers being interested in reaching that niche. Best of all, many of these tactics have become more economical. For example, local and regional event sponsorships are a great way to target a local community. With the primary focus of marketing being directed toward online techniques, the prices for such sponsorship drops, thus being more accessible to small and local businesses.