Don’t be too Available | Anurag Aggarwal


Have you ever been to a political meeting or a rally. None of the ministers arrive at the appointed hour. They always arrive late and leave early. This is how they portray themselves to be extremely busy or that they have to attend another pre-scheduled meeting. Do you know why do they do that? Because if they arrive on time and stay longer, they would give out the impression that they have all the time in the world.
If you want to increase your value in the eyes of people, you need to act pricey or else people will take you for granted. Adopt the strategy of being less available like limited edition commodities that are always more expensive than the easily available ones. Therefore, don’t be available at all the places at all the times. Apply the rule of Law of Scarcity in your life that Don’t be too Available.

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Here are 4 tips to enhance your respect and value in the eyes of others:


1. Learn to make a quick exit. Your exit plan should be in place even before you arrive at the venue. If you are the key speaker, don’t wait for dinner. Leave early.
2. Learn to say ‘No’. You must know how to say No when you are not comfortable for something. It is your time and it is your life. Learn to refuse when you have to. Let other’s miss your presence, if that gets you more respect. Learn to say NO to people who only consider you an option and not a priority.

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3. Its all about demand and supply. Like the launch of an Iphone, where the demand is more, but the availability of IPhone is very less. Similarly, if your product is easily available in the market, if it is on discount price and if the supply is more than the demand; then that means your product is quite ordinary. To increase your turnover, some of your customers should return empty handed. Hence, learn when to send your customers back.
4. Don’t attend your customers yourself after acquiring a certain stature. If you’ve achieved certain heights in your business, you should never attend to your customers yourself. This is one thing that will make you ordinary in their eyes and you will lose your respect. Secondly, your customers will expect more discounts from you and in this scenario, they will only come to your shop when you are available. So let your employees work for you.

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BUT, there are certain exceptions to this rule:

a) if you have just started your business, then you need to be there. Don’t be absent ever so often. You need to work hard to become a brand, hence your presence is essential.
b) If you need to increase your presence on the virtual platforms, you need to exhibit yourself more. The more followers you have, the more saleable you will be.
c) Be always available for your family and there is no compromise on this rule.

So, follow these tips and increase your business and your respect.